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Employee Spotlight: Wilmer Gutierrez

CS Systems & Operations Specialist | 3 Years at TouchBistro

Wilmer Gutierrez

How has your role at TouchBistro evolved over the years?

I started as a Tier 1 Product Support Technician and was promoted to be a Team Lead for the Product Support team. I pushed myself to take extra course work during my down time, which led me to become a Salesforce reporting expert. As a result, I had the opportunity to join the CS Optimization team this past year. If you asked me what my success is attributed to, it’s 20% determination, and 80% ADHD!

What professional qualities helped propel your growth at TB?

During my time in Product Support Tier 1, I asked myself: How can I create value with what I am doing? How can I set myself apart? I began by filling in gaps that I noticed on my team. I stayed curious, even when I came across things that I didn’t know how to solve or didn’t have familiarity with. I had the mentality that if it’s not done, then I should learn how to do it myself.

What is your advice to someone who is new to Customer Success and is starting out their career?

Before I joined TouchBistro, I took a course with NPower. It helped to prepare me from a technical perspective. I would tell anyone starting out it takes time to learn the technical side of a product, but with exposure and determination you can fill your knowledge gaps as well. Secondly, I would also tell anyone getting into CS that customers are our focus because they are at the heart of everything that we do!

Do you have any pets? Give us an intro!

My first dog, Jojo, is a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. I got him about 5 years ago when he was a puppy. Recently, I went on a trip to Tennessee with my girlfriend. I saw a puppy similar to Jojo at a shelter and now I have 2 dogs!

What is your relationship to the restaurant industry?

I have always been in the restaurant industry in one way or another. I have worked as a server, a cook, a restaurant technology support assistant. I have always enjoyed working in the restaurant industry and I would definitely say I am a foodie! TouchBistro merges the two things that I love: the restaurant industry and technology.

What was your favorite comfort food as a child?

It’s still the same comfort food I enjoy today! It is a Nicaraguan dish called bandeja tipica. It’s a white rice and black bean dish. My grandmother would serve it with fried plantains, sausage, and fried cheese. It’s very savory and delicious. La Baya Managua is the only restaurant in Toronto that serves it.

What is the career vision for yourself in 2 years?

I aim to take my Salesforce Administration exam to gain exposure into Salesforce Apex programming. This will help me have more tools to continue to improve the call center experience for our customers and our Product Support Technicians.

From a leadership standpoint, what would you say your strength is as a leader?

Servant leadership is a style that I really relate to most. As a Team Lead, I wanted to be different. I had the mindset that if I take care of my people, they will take care of me. I aimed to give my team all of the tools that they needed to be successful. I also made myself available to my team for professional development and comradery.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of work?

I am a big fan of video games – I even have a Playstation tattoo on my wrist! In my downtime, I also make 80’s music on a digital synthwave. I really enjoy it!

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