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Employee Spotlight: Saul Hernandez

Account Executive, Outbound | 2.5 Years at TouchBistro

Saul Hernandez

In a sentence or two — what do you do here at TouchBistro? How has your role/department evolved over the years?

I started as an Account Executive in the Inbound team and after a year and a half in that role I was promoted to the Outbound team. My job is to help the company gain new customers and contribute to our sustainable growth. 

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on at TB?

I recently worked on a pilot project that aims to improve the post sales process, ensure customers have a better experience during their onboarding, and ultimately enable them to start using our solution faster. The pilot project presented several challenges, but I appreciated working with several departments and team members to remove roadblocks and make it successful. 

What makes TouchBistro special to you?

I like the friendly work culture we have and how despite all the challenges the market has thrown at us in the past year we have maintained it. Supportive colleagues make all the difference.  

What inspires you about the future of the restaurant industry?

The restaurant industry is adopting tech solutions more than ever before. We are working on exciting products to meet the ever evolving needs of business owners. The future is bright! 

What aspect of your role at TouchBistro brings you the most satisfaction and fulfillment, and why?

When a client calls me and tells me they are opening a second location and wants to use our solutions in their new venue because of the value it has given them. I truly feel proud and happy. 

What’s your go-to comfort food or guilty pleasure snack?

Cookies! I have a big sweet tooth.

What is your favorite type of cuisine? 

Italian! I visited Rome last year and loved every single meal I had. 

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