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Employee Spotlight: Ivan Mordoukhovski

Implementation Consultant | 2 Years at TouchBistro

Ivan Mordoukhovski headshot

What is your role at TouchBistro and how has it evolved over the years?

My current role is an Implementation Consultant at TouchBistro – I help restaurant owners set up their TouchBistro software. My professional background has always been in hospitality. I was a catering coordinator pre-COVID, and then I pivoted to a sales role. I started as a Business Development Rep then moved to implementation, where I was able to further build relationships and utilize my creative interests.

What is exciting to you about the future of the restaurant industry?

Just how much technology is transforming the way restaurants do business! When you look at restaurant technology 20 years ago, most restaurants were operating with cash registers. Today, technology like TouchBistro enables restaurants to operate more efficiently, while improving food and labor costs.

What makes TouchBistro’s culture special to you?

The passion and genuine desire to support the industry. It’s really phenomenal how many people will jump to help out with questions within our teams. I feel like we have a start-up feel where employees really care and want to help eachother out. If I have a question, someone will find the answer, even if it’s not available right away.

What is your favorite food?

This is a tough question because I love food so much. It has to be Potatoes, which is more like an ingredient and they are so versatile. That’s why I like them so much, they can be mashed, fried, or steamed. 

What is your favorite pump up song right now?

It’s called “Go Off’ by Ab-Soul (featuring Russ & Big Sean). There’s something about this song that pumps me up. Whenever I hear it it puts me in a good mood.

What is the last best show that you binge watched on TV?


What would you say is your proudest accomplishment in your career to date?

My Q1 performance reviews were tied for first place. It’s definitely nice to be recognized that I am doing a great job. I look forward to working with TouchBistro for a long time! I was never expecting to move into implementation, but I think it benefited me professionally and it aligns so well with my overall skill set.

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