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Pacific Standard

“When we instituted TouchBistro we went from a 40% pour cost to an 18% pour cost in a six month span. We will be opening another location in a few months and I will be using it there, and I will continue to recommend it to friends because it has help us immensely.”
– Ryan Kahl, Owner / Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Full Service

“Being a restaurant there are two main factors you look at to track success: one is your profitability and the other is your overall guest experience. TouchBistro has really helped us improve them both.”
-Spiro Menegatos, Owner and Founder / Midtown, NYC

Fine Dining
Cornelia St.

TouchBistro is just an easy-to-use system. When showing the staff how to use it, they picked it up right away. We looked at a lot of different point of sale systems and I would recommend TouchBistro. It just makes our life so much easier.
– Jonathan Liska / Midtown, NYC

Full Service Restaurant

TouchBistro’s menu programming capabilities are phenomenal there are a lot of user-friendly features, like the ability to split checks and combine seat numbers through drag and drop. It’s also about the responsiveness from their Customer Success team to walk through a support problem and get a follow up. If we open up another restaurant we are definitely taking TouchBistro with us.
Nicholas Stefanelli / Washington, DC

Full Service
Pietro Nolita

“TouchBistro is very reliable. With 250 guests coming throughout the day, it has never let me down.”
Pietro Quaglia, Co-owner /NoLita, NYC


Full Service Restaurant
Souvlaki GR

[TouchBistro] works the way New Yorkers work: it runs fast, it runs smooth, and it doesn’t stop working.
-Daniel Tapia / Scarsdale, NY

Fine Dining
La Tarte Flambée

“TouchBistro is so easy to use and extremely reliable. Based on the figures from my previous POS system, we managed to increase sales by 15 percent from what we forecasted.”
– Mathias Peter / Midtown, NYC

Full Service Restaurant

“TouchBistro’s staff is always there when you need them. They’re very responsive.”
-Jeff, Partner / East Village, Manhattan

Alabama Theatre

“TouchBistro is the perfect system. My bartenders and employees, they love it! It’s so easy for them to use, and more importantly so easy for them to learn. Everyone has picked it up instantly, within 1-2 transactions.”
Gary Jones, Concessions Manager / Birmingham, Alabama

French-American bistro
Table d'Hôte

“When we switched to TouchBistro it felt like coming into the family. TouchBistro was made for the restaurant.”
William Knapp, Chef Owner / Upper East Side, NYC

Steam Whistle Brewery

“TouchBistro has been a game changer for the way we operate our business. The ease of use and adaptability of the system has made it a key asset in the operation of our day to day.”
– Josh Hillinger / Toronto, ON

Frere De Lys

“I’ve been working in the restaurant business for 17 years, with different point of sales. So far, TouchBistro is the best I have worked with.”
-Thibaut Piettre, Owner / New York, NY

Hapa Izakaya

“TouchBistro’s built-in bill splitting option is really easy to use. It makes our lives easier and our customers are happy that we have the option to do that for them!”
– Mackenzie Isobe, Manager / Toronto , ON

Crosstown Pub & Grill

“With TouchBistro, during our highest periods we’re able to turn over 176 more tables, which equates to at least $2,000 a night, four nights a week. You do the math!”
-Jim Nichols / Chicago, IL

Brickyard Grounds

“Pretty much everyone nowadays days has an iPhone or an iPad, so there’s very little upfront training required. Our staff love it, our guests love it- partnering up with TouchBistro was a very intelligent move and it’s something that’s been very successful.”
-Lefteris Karagiannis / Toronto, ON

Jimmys Coffee
Full Service Restaurant
Ristorante Firenze

“My staff love the ease of use and different screen options. Individual checks are no problem and combining tabs is quick and easy. A great tool for any customer service business.”
– Larry Leonardi, Owner / Baltimore, MD

Fidel Gastro

“The success of my food truck business is dependent upon serving as many customers as possible in a short span of time. TouchBistro not only helps me speed up service, but it also provides me with the critical metrics I need to stay in control of my business.”
– Matt Basile, Owner / Toronto, ON

S Prime Steakhouse

“I love that TouchBistro is ever-growing. TouchBistro is not one-dimensional, it grows with the trends and changes in the industry and is always evolving.”
– Joel Reiss, Chef  / Long Island City, NY


“I’ve recommended TouchBistro to three different restaurants. They’ve all signed up.”
-Paul Boehmer, Owner & Chef / Toronto, ON

Food Truck
Full Service Restaurant
The Rose Plantation

“We absolutely love TouchBistro’s bill splitting feature. Our servers no longer have to take orders the old school way, trying to remember who ordered what, or by struggling to make each check equal. This feature has not only saved us time and eased staff confusion, but it also sets our guests at ease by knowing they paid for the correct items.”
– Joshua Glick / Fruitland Park, FL

Gourmet Hot Dog Food Truck
Let's Be Frank

“TouchBistro has been a perfect fit for our growing business. With it’s flexible and easy to use configuration it has been everything from an affordable, pop-up friendly POS to a robust platform that simplifies inventory.”
– Simon Colyer / Toronto, ON

Full Service Restaurant
El Taquero

“I’ve worked with many other systems in the past: Micros, Squirrel, H&L, Positouch and so on. But where TouchBistro wins is with their reliability and ease of use. The system hasn’t crashed once! I love that programming can be done on the fly, as can employee programming for time management.”
– Marnie Burnett, Owner / Kelowna, BC

Food Truck
Granola GIrl
Full Service Restaurant
Luigi Pizza & Pasta

“Yes, we have been using TouchBistro since June 1st. We are very happy with the system and it has surpassed our expectations! Our servers love it, and our managers love it. The networked system has been flawlessly stable, with not one stumble or glitch. We went with the Cayan integrated “Genius” card processor, and have been pleased with that as well.”
– Ken Heard, Owner / Panama City, FL

Full Service Restaurant
Jack's Sliders & Sushi

“TouchBistro is so user friendly that I can train my staff to use it in 30 minutes.”
-Anthony Tse, Manager / New York, NY 

315 Martinis and Tapas

“Being able to split checks and share an item across a table is definitely worth its weight in gold.”
– Michael Irby, Manager / Coeur d’Alene, ID

Wine Bar
Cine Cuvee

“We love TouchBistro for our wine bar. It’s extremely user friendly, allowing us to quickly switch between different types of wine and our food section. It’s also very easy to set up daily specials or happy hour pricing. The ability to ring someone up right at their table and allowing them to sign on the screen takes convenience to a whole new level. Anyone who is familiar with Apple products will love this system. I would definitely recommend TouchBistro!”
– Lindsay Pirkle, General Manager / Orinda, CA

Craft Brewery
Nighthawk Brewery

“TouchBistro helps us get customers what they want, quicker. Whether it’s taking their order minutes after walking in or checking people out on the iPad as soon as they’re ready to go, everything is just so much faster!”
– Ethan Hall, President / Broomfield, CO

Full Service Restaurant
Matteo's Italian Restaurant

“TouchBistro’s split check feature is great and easy to use. The servers love it”
– Jon-Evin / Brunswick, GA

Full Service Restaurant
Finalmente Trattoria

“With TouchBistro, our processes are faster, from getting tickets to the kitchen to closing checks. We used to waste a lot of time re-adding and re-writing many of the checks. The accuracy of the system is almost 100%.”
– Mary Iodice, Co-Owner / Westport, CT

Craft Brewery and Bar
Legends Craft Brewing

“TouchBistro has allowed us to implement a robust POS solution for a fraction of the price of more costly systems, and without sacrificing any of the functionality we need to satisfy our customers.”
– Jay Tally, President / Anaheim, CA

Quick Service
Tasty Tails

“A lot of the other restaurants in our area use older, traditional POS systems. With TouchBistro, we’re one step ahead of our competitors.”
-Khanh Tran, Owner / Plano, TX

Quick Service
Cafe Xpresso

“Our experiences with every TouchBistro employee we’ve been in contact with have been great! Our sales rep, our trainer, and many others, have always been very involved and encouraging. They were more than happy to help us figure out the best way to get our menu set up on the POS. ”
– Marie Schlump, Owner / Prospect, CT

English Setter Brewing

“We love the ease of inputting customer information in the seating, and being able to keep track of the customer as they move about the brewery. TouchBistro allows us to not only track where they are, but who they are and what they have ordered, no matter which of our wait staff is taking care of them.”
– Jeff Bendio, Owner / Spokane Valley, WA

Concession Stand

“We love the ease of use and the ability to easily adjust our menu with new items.”
– Alex Nemetz / Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Ciao For Now

“I love just how fast the system works. The backend reporting is incredibly easy to use and the ability to easily modify the menu is genius.”
-Simone / New York, NY

Right Proper Brewery

“TouchBistro has been really helpful as far as reporting and functionality. I also really appreciate how helpful their support staff is. Even if you call their support line and hang up, they’ll call you back. The ability to e-mail for support is an added bonus.”
– Elizabeth Schnettler / Washington, DC

Wood-Fire Smoked BBQ Food Truck
Carolina Firehouse

“Using TouchBistro, it takes us only 30 seconds to a minute to move a person through the order and payment process after arriving at the window.”
– Paul Baity / Lexington, NC

Smoothie Bar
Acai Concept

“We love how easy the bill splitting function is to use. That was just one of the many reasons we went with TouchBistro.”
– Thad Loomis / Maceió, Brazil

Pizza Shop
Brooklyn Pizza

“We love TouchBistro and working with iPads in our pizza shop! So fast and easy!”
-David Lustig / Denver, CO

Full Service Restaurant
Zona Blu

“TouchBistro is very easy to use because it is iPad based and most of our staff are familiar with using iPads. It makes training a breeze!”
– Sheila David / Weston, FL

Bistro-Style Chain
La Prep
Full Service Restaurant
Bin 941 Tapas Parlour

“Bill splitting is very important as half the tables ask for split bills. With TouchBistro it’s very easy to do. Love it!!”
– Vishwa Mohan, Chef & Owner / Vancouver, Canada

Billiards & Sports Bar
Joe Broadway’s

“With TouchBistro I can run reports on my draft beers. We only have so many taps, so it’s great that TouchBistro helps us identify the poor sellers, so that we can swap them out for a better-selling beer.”
-Joe Polimeni / Staten Island, NY

Coffee Shop
Real Life Cafe

“TouchBristo has been a great addition to our Cafe. We are expanding and will be adding stations to the system. Keep wait to see what more they have coming.”
– Chris Caines / Clermont, FL

Pizza Franchise
Little Caesars
Coffee Shop
The Bayside Cafe

“I called TouchBistro. They asked when I needed to open, I told them 2 days. They express shipped all the hardware, sent links to training videos and I went and bought an iPad. I built the entire menu in 1 night and showed my staff how to use the system the next day. ”
– Dave Keelan / Courtenay, BC

Local Art & Wine Bar
Studio Cellar

“We add different beer and wine to our menu all the time, and with TouchBistro it’s easy to make those additions on the fly.”
-Randy Weiss, Owner / Columbia, SC

Quick Service Restaurant
Little Lilly's Island Deli

“TouchBistro works great for us. We are a small café and most other POS systems have too much that we don’t need. TouchBistro is inexpensive and easy to use.”
– Robin, Owner / Bokeelia, FL

Mexican Grill

“TouchBistro has proven to be the most stable and reliable system for our business. We love the impression it leaves on our customers.”
-Sameer Lalji, Director of Operations / Toronto, ON

Full Service Restaurant
Dolci Social Haus

“TouchBistro is so easy to learn, even for new staff members. I also love the convenience of being able to check up to date reports, right from my phone or computer. The snapshot labour report has helped us a lot with our time management.”
– Annina Hoffmeister / Osoyoof, BC

Nightclub & Cocktail Bar
The Bower

“On busy nights or special events, we’ll sometimes bring in new staff just for the night. TouchBistro is such an easy system that they can pick up the iPad and start using it right away.”
– Blair Mcfarlane / Edmonton, AB

Haruko Japanese Fusion

“TouchBistro has many features that regular POS systems don’t. The picture integration has helped a lot with selling dishes.”
– Luis Pineda / Pembrook Pine, FL

All American Hamburger Franchise
Johnny Rockets

“We’ve been using TouchBistro for a little over a year now, and what I like the most about this POS is that it’s constantly changing and adapting to the needs of it’s users. You’re not just stuck with the system the way it comes. Instead they actually welcome you to request or suggest changes.”
– Wheath Ralla / Sechelt, BC

Traditional New York Style Pizza
Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza

“TouchBistro keeps us on top of our busy line-ups and our clientele love how quickly and smoothly we’re able to fulfill requests.”
– Spiro Kartsonis /  New York, NY

Fine Dining
Bleu Rendez-Vous French Bistro
American Bar and Grill
Rip Rap Roadhouse

“We host many large events and with TouchBistro we’re able to handle 1,200+ customers in a 5 hour time frame with no issues.”
– Jason Wadzinski, Owner / Dayton, OH

Full Service Restaurant
Spinnaker Cafe

“TouchBistro is affordable, quick to set up, and can be modified with ease. It’s able to meet even the smallest demands of a restaurant owner, as well as the larger concerns. The management reporting has helped us to make decisions on certain menu items. We are very happy with this system!”
– Ruth Hobbs / Blind Bay, BC