Restaurant Survey Template

Use this free restaurant survey template as a guide to craft your own survey and receive valuable feedback from your guests.

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What You’ll Get with This Restaurant Survey Template:

  • A free customizable restaurant customer satisfaction survey template
  • Instructions and tips to help you create your own restaurant survey
  • Sample questions you can include in your own restaurant’s survey

Use this free restaurant survey template as a guide to craft your own survey and receive valuable feedback from your guests.

A restaurant customer survey can serve as a valuable feedback form for restaurants, whether you’re looking to gain insight from your guests about your restaurant’s customer service, your menu selection, or your ordering technology. Continue reading to learn more about how to build your own restaurant customer survey while following along with our free downloadable restaurant survey template.

What is a Restaurant Survey?

Let’s start with what exactly a restaurant survey is. A restaurant survey is a tool to collect and gather information from your restaurant guests regarding various aspects of their dining or takeout experience. It includes a set of restaurant survey questions that you outline for respondents to fill out. These questions can be organized into categories, such as food and service, atmosphere, and technology. All the questions you include on your restaurant’s feedback form should be specific and customized to your restaurant to allow you to obtain the most relevant feedback possible.

A restaurant’s feedback form can be distributed as a restaurant comment card, a questionnaire hosted on your website, or sent out to customers via text or email. No matter how you distribute it, using a restaurant survey can prevent you and your staff from guessing what your customers think about your restaurant and what areas need improvement. 

What is a Restaurant Survey Template?

A restaurant customer satisfaction survey template is a document that can be used to create your own custom survey. You can then share this survey with your guests after editing the template to fit your restaurant’s specific branding and any distinct questions you want to ask. A template can be useful for restaurateurs such as yourself, as it serves as a good starting point for a survey and prevents you from having to start from scratch. 

Why Do You Need a Restaurant Survey?

So, why exactly do you need to create your own restaurant survey? It can be a challenge to understand the true dining experience of your guests and those who order takeout or delivery – especially if no review has been submitted online or directly to your restaurant staff. A restaurant survey that can easily be shared with guests can help alleviate the challenge of gathering valuable feedback. 

Having well-thought out questions as part of your restaurant’s feedback form allows you, as a restaurant owner, to identify your restaurant’s strengths and areas for improvement, and make changes if necessary. 

What Type of Feedback Can You Collect?

Now that you know what a restaurant survey is and why you would need one, let’s take a look at what type of feedback you can collect from a feedback form for restaurants:

  • Learnings about your core customer type who dines at or orders from your restaurant
  • What guests think about your food and drink offerings
  • Whether or not they’re satisfied with your restaurant’s customer service
  • General impressions of your restaurant ambience and accessibility
  • Discover whether your restaurant technology is useful and worth continuing to invest in 

Download our restaurant survey template and completely customize it for your guests to gain helpful feedback for your own venue. You’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions inside, so you can kick-start the process of creating your own customizable restaurant survey today.

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