2022 Labor Report: How to Survive the Restaurant Staffing Shortage

2022 Labor Report: How to Survive the Restaurant Staffing Shortage

What's Inside Our Restaurant Staffing Shortage Report:

  • Current data on the state of the restaurant labor shortage
  • The real reasons behind the great resignation
  • 3 strategies to find, attract, and retain great restaurant staff

The restaurant staffing shortage is one of the biggest challenges for today’s restaurateurs. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries – including the hospitality sector – have been experiencing what’s known as the Great Resignation, where staff have been leaving their jobs en masse to seek better pay, competitive benefits, and safer working conditions.

Of course, the restaurant staffing shortage is not a new problem. Three in four restaurateurs reported experiencing regular labor shortages before the pandemic. Plus, the industry has always been notorious for its high turnover rate. According to 7shifts, restaurant workers change jobs every 56 days, compared to the 4.2 year average tenure across jobs in the U.S.

In other words, the pandemic has simply exacerbated an existing restaurant labor shortage and made it even harder for restaurants to keep their venues fully staffed. For many operators, carrying on with business as usual is no longer an option.

Our 2022 Labor Report is here to provide operators with actionable strategies for surviving the restaurant staffing shortage. Based on data collected by TouchBistro and 7shifts, this report will outline all of the driving factors behind the current labor shortage. It will also help you navigate the current situation by offering data-driven solutions for attracting, finding, and keeping great restaurant staff.

Keep reading for a sneak peek at some of our key findings and insights. For a complete roadmap for successfully navigating the staffing shortage, download the full 2022 Labor Report.

Key Findings from the Restaurant Staffing Shortage Report

It’s clear that the labor shortage is a major problem for restaurants, but what exactly is driving it? The answer is more complicated than you might think.

The Great Restaurant Resignation Decoded

If you ask restaurateurs why they’ve had so much trouble finding new staff and many will point directly to the pandemic. According to TouchBistro data, restaurant owners cited “fear of working with the public due to COVID-19” and the “fear of enforcing COVID-19 restrictions” as the top two reasons for labor shortages.

While these fears are very valid, they aren’t the only reason behind the Great Resignation. After surveying thousands of restaurant workers, 7shifts discovered that there were three main reasons why restaurant staff quit, and none of those reasons were tied to the pandemic. This disconnect reveals that many operators aren’t fully in tune with what today’s restaurant staff want and need out of their jobs.

Solutions to the Labor Shortage

With 7shifts reporting that one in three employees don’t see themselves working at the same place this time next year, it’s more important than ever to address the restaurant staffing shortage head-on.

Fortunately, some of the solutions to the labor shortage are surprisingly easy to implement. 7shifts has uncovered that a lack of manager recognition is a major factor behind resignations, yet only 39% of restaurants report investing in professional development opportunities to stay competitive, which is down from 43% in 2019 according to TouchBistro research. 

While this is just one of the solutions highlighted in our 2022 Labor Report, it’s clear that even small changes can make a big impact when it comes to retaining staff and reducing turnover.

To get the full roadmap for surviving the restaurant labor shortage, download the complete 2022 Labor Report: How to Survive the Restaurant Staffing Shortage today.

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