Restaurant Server Responsibilities Checklist

Your servers take on a lot. A restaurant server responsibilities checklist can help.

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  • A fillable checklist for opening, during shift, and closing server responsibilities
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Your servers take on a lot. A restaurant server responsibilities checklist can help.

A server is one of the most important roles in any full service restaurant. Servers are responsible for taking orders, answering questions, providing recommendations, delivering food, processing payments, and more – all while providing excellent customer service.

With so much to keep track of, a restaurant server responsibilities checklist is a must-have for any operator. That’s why we’ve created several handy checklists that cover all the sidework your servers will carry out – in addition to their main job of taking and delivering orders.

The first checklist we’ve included is a server opening shift checklist. This checklist should be used by your servers before your restaurant opens for the day. These servers will help to ensure the restaurant is ready for service by carrying out sidework such as putting out table condiments, setting up chairs, placing glassware on tables, and more. This server responsibilities checklist also includes making sure that each server station is stocked with everything it needs for the day, such as sani buckets, towels, and extra napkins.

After initial server responsibilities are out of the way, there’s is the ongoing sidework that needs to be taken care of during a regular shift. Our ongoing shift responsibilities checklist includes tasks such as stocking the server work areas and rolling silverware. And while bussers will generally take care of cleaning chores such as wiping down surfaces or sweeping the floor, your servers may sometimes need to perform this sidework as well.

Lastly, we’ve included a restaurant server responsibilities checklist for closing duties. These server responsibilities should be assigned based on the order each person is scheduled to leave and can include tasks such as setting napkins and cutlery, refilling table condiments, wiping down menus, cleaning coffee machines, and more. Servers who are closing up the restaurant for the day may also be tasked with other important responsibilities, such as closing out the restaurant POS. And while a checklist is certainly helpful, ensure all your servers are properly trained on crucial tasks such as handling the POS system, cash, or other payment information.

Though each of these restaurant server responsibilities checklists includes a sample list of common tasks, we’ve also designed these checklists to be fully customizable templates. Inside, you’ll find blank checklists for opening, closing, and ongoing shift responsibilities. This allows you to add any server responsibilities that are unique to your specific venue.

If you’re not sure how to fill out your server responsibilities checklist, ​​start by identifying all of the sidework duties that need to get completed each and every day. It’s important to be as specific as possible so that all your staff is on the same page. Start with a particular area, such as a serving station, then work your way around the remainder of the restaurant, taking note of all the various things your servers need to take care of.

At the end of the day, using a restaurant server responsibilities checklist can ensure your team knows what they need to do and can keep things running smoothly. Download your fillable server responsibilities checklist template now!

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