TouchBistro Annual Report: The State of Full Service Restaurants in 2020

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What's In The Report:

  • A detailed look of what’s happening in the industry
  • Comparison of industry trends between last year and this year
  • The challenges restaurant owners are facing coast to coast
  • Opportunities and insights for tackling the biggest challenges restaurant owners face, like labor issues and changing tech
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Every year, the restaurant industry evolves.

And keeping up with all the changes can be a full time job.

Our report last year provided the benchmark for what’s happening at full services restaurants across the country. This year, we surveyed even more restaurant managers, owners, and CEOs, to gain even more insights into what’s stayed the same, what’s changed, and where the biggest opportunities are emerging.

Download the State of Full Service Restaurants in 2020 to get the insight on the industry and see where the biggest opportunities await.

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