Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Checklist

A restaurant kitchen maintenance checklist covers repair and upkeep tasks to help keep restaurant tools and equipment working properly.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Checklist

What you’ll Get With This Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Checklist:

  • A daily restaurant maintenance checklist PDF 
  • A weekly restaurant equipment maintenance checklist
  • A restaurant maintenance checklist for every month

A restaurant kitchen maintenance checklist covers repair and upkeep tasks to help keep restaurant tools and equipment working properly.

A commercial kitchen maintenance checklist can help you extend the life of your kitchen tools and equipment. With daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks, you can keep your equipment in tip-top shape and reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and failures. In addition, a restaurant maintenance checklist PDF can help you keep food safe, prevent the chance of fires, and lower energy costs. To help you get started, we created a printable restaurant maintenance checklist PDF with daily, weekly, and monthly lists that can be used to keep track of a wide variety of tasks.

Keeping your equipment working efficiently starts with your daily restaurant maintenance checklist. This commercial kitchen maintenance list includes common upkeep tasks that you should aim to complete each day in your commercial kitchen. For example, you should keep a temperature log of your fridge and freezers, check your dish washer’s rinse aid chemical levels, ensure oil is extracted from dirty grease cups on griddles and fryers, and check for damaged griddle surfaces or fry baskets. By checking that your equipment is well kept, you can avoid potential health and safety violations, like food poisoning due to a fridge temperature that is too warm, for example. Plus if something’s wrong, you can get your equipment fixed right away – and if you’re lucky, it might still be under warranty!

In addition to daily checks, it’s also important to inspect your kitchen equipment on a weekly basis to spot longer-term issues. Using a weekly restaurant equipment maintenance checklist can help you keep track of problems like grease leaks and build-up on griddle and grill controls. It can also remind you to ensure that your fridge and freezer drain lines are working well and are clear from clogs, and to inspect your dishwashers for chemical leaks and limescale build-up. By checking for equipment faults on a weekly basis with your commercial kitchen maintenance list, your staff will become aware of issues as they come up and can schedule repairs in a timely manner. Plus, equipment with more working hours means your kitchen staff will be able to work more efficiently, serve more customers, and bring in more revenue!

Finally, having a monthly restaurant maintenance checklist will help your staff stay accountable and never forget to check up on your kitchen equipment’s performance. Monthly commercial kitchen maintenance tasks include making sure range and oven burner valves are greased, calibrating the thermostat on griddles and grills, inspecting fridge and freezer evaporator coils for ice build-up, and checking that your floor drains are clearing properly. These steps can help prevent slips and falls, reduce the chances of costly last-minute repairs, and even avoid unexpected restaurant closures. By using a monthly restaurant equipment maintenance checklist, you’ll also gain peace of mind knowing that your equipment is running steadily and safely.

Best of all, the commercial kitchen maintenance checklist comes in a PDF format so you can easily print your daily, weekly, and monthly task lists to use at any time. Remember that each kitchen is different, so this commercial kitchen maintenance checklist should only be used as a general guideline. Also, it’s important to follow any specific instructions that your equipment manufacturer has provided and check with a professional when issues arise.

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