Free Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Win over investors with this customizable, free coffee shop business plan template.

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What’s Inside This Free Coffee Shop Business Plan Template:

  • A business plan template for coffee shops formatted for Word or Pages
  • Instructions and tips to help you create a successful coffee shop business plan
  • 8 customizable sections, including a coffee shop business plan introduction, operations plan, and more

Win over investors with this customizable, free coffee shop business plan template.

Starting any business can feel daunting, but starting a coffee shop comes with a unique set of challenges. From concept to staffing, there’s a lot to consider as you begin mapping out your coffee shop business plan. And that’s where a coffee shop business plan template can help.

Why You Need a Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Writing a business plan is one of the first steps in opening a coffee shop. Think of it as the blueprint for your business. Why recreate the wheel and write your coffee shop’s business plan from scratch when you can get started with our handy template? 

Using a template can speed up your business plan writing process, thanks to detailed instructions and tips on what to write in each section. 

And, because this template is designed especially for coffee shops, you’ll find helpful guidance on things like design and layout considerations that are unique to this type of business.

How to Start a Coffee Shop

Still researching how to start a coffee shop? Creating a business plan is the first step, but there’s so much else to consider, including:

  1. Writing a successful coffee shop business plan: Use our template to strategize where you’ll get the funds for your business, what will make your coffee shop different from others, who you’ll hire, and more.
  2. Getting funding: Execute the financial part of your business plan by securing funding for your business, whether through personal savings, friends and family, investors, or a loan.
  3. Finding and customizing a location: Search for a commercial space, then make it your own with furniture and decor.
  4. Sourcing coffee: Decide if you’ll roast your own beans or partner with a vendor.
  5. Hiring staff: Employees are the heart of any food service business. Invest time into finding the right people to join your team.
  6. Marketing your coffee shop: Spread the word about your coffee shop online and in person through partnerships, events, social media, restaurant email marketing, and more.
  7. Opening your business: Launch with a bang through a grand opening.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Coffee Shop?

How much it costs to start a coffee shop depends on a number of factors, including your shop’s location and size. As part of the planning process for your coffee shop business proposal, research the costs of real estate in your area, furniture, equipment, POS systems, inventory, payroll, and marketing and advertising to establish an opening budget. Make sure to include a buffer in your budget for unexpected expenses.

What You’ll Find in This Free Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Our free, 20-page coffee shop business proposal template comes with eight customizable sections. In each section, you’ll find:

  • Headings that you can customize or use as-is
  • Explanations of what each section is for
  • Tips on what to write in each section
  • Suggestions for how much to write
  • Coffee shop business plan examples 
  • Links to helpful resources, like pricing strategies, menu templates, technology suggestions, and more

The free business plan template for coffee shops is completely customizable, from the introduction to the appendix, which means you can adjust the business plan to fit your unique concept. So whether your goal is to create a community coffee hub or a hip third-wave coffee bar, this template can help.

When you’re done filling out each section, you can save the coffee shop business plan template in Word or Pages. You can also print the document so you can share your business plan and ideas with friends, family, and investors.

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