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What’s New in TouchBistro 7.3


TouchBistro 7.3 now supports an ingredient-based inventory system. We have added support for EMV-ready devices for Vantiv and Cayan.

We’ve added a new way to balance sales when you refund a closed bill.

Finally, the options on the Menu settings screen have been rearranged to more closely match the order you use the options when setting up your restaurant for the first time.

Consult these release notes for full details on these changes along with other significant improvements to the cloud reporting site.

Chapter 1. Ingredient Inventory System

TouchBistro has added an ingredient-based inventory system.

To get started setting it up, access Admin | Admin Settings | Menu. Scroll to the bottom and tap Ingredients.


Tap Manage Ingredients to define all ingredients (ground beef, potatoes, butter, etc.) you use for your menu items. Tap Ingredient Inventory to indicate how much of each ingredient you have in stock.

Section 1. Setting Up Your Menu Item Recipes

After you’ve inputted all your ingredients and your inventory, you can now define how much of each ingredient each menu item requires.

Open a menu item and scroll down to the new Ingredients section. Tap Manage Recipe.

Add which ingredients are used to make this menu item along with the amount of the ingredient’s inventory measure used to make this menu item.

Finally, enable the Recipe Cost setting if you want TouchBistro to calculate food costs based on your ingredient settings.

For full details on setting and using the Ingredient Inventory System see the help guide.

Section 2. Reporting

To support the Ingredient Inventory system, we’ve added three new iPad reports under Menu.

Menu Item Cost Report: If you enable Recipe Cost on your menu items, this will calculate the cost.

Ingredients Consumption Report: This report gives you details about beginning/ending inventory and stock consumption.

Low Stock Menu Items Report: This will display menu items with low stock counts.

These new reports are CSV only. You cannot view them on your iPad.

Chapter 2. Payment Integration EMV Support

Section 1. Vantiv (USA)

We now support two new EMV solutions. Each is based on Vantiv’s triPOS system.

1.   Vantiv Ingenico iCMP

2.   Vantiv iPP350


The Vantiv iCMP is Bluetooth EMV-ready card reader. The device supports a one-to-one pairing with an iPad. It is ideally suited for tableside card processing.

The iPP350 is a LAN-based EMV-ready PINpad. It is ideally suited for counter service.

1) Set Up


To support these solutions, we’ve added a Vantiv triPOS item under Payment Gateways for configuration. The previous Vantiv option is still used for swiper configuration.

2) Tipping

If you’re going to use tipping, both triPOS devices use the post-tax tip guide suggestions.

If your guest check tip guide is set for Pre-Tax, you should set it for Post-Tax to keep consistency between the printed guest check tip suggestions and the device’s tip suggestions.

Section 2. Cayan Genius Handheld (USA)

The Cayan Genius Handheld device is an Android-based mobile EMV card reader. It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your router. The Genius Handheld device can support multiple iPads.

Set up is similar to the counter-top Genius device. Enable Cayan and tap its Setup option.

You will find a new Device Type option.

Tap it to select whether you are using the counter-top Genius device (the MX 915) or the Genius Handheld device.

Chapter 3. New Bill Options

We’ve added two new options for closed bills:

1.   Reorder

2.   Refund Sale


The Bill Options menu is available from All Closed Bills tab under Orders or from the Bills / Guest Check History screen.


Use Reorder if you want to create a new order based on the closed bill’s order. The new order is placed under the All Bar Tabs tab. Note, the reordered bill gets named based on the bill number of the bill you created this bill from. For example, if you tapped Reorder on bill 9241, the return sale invoice gets named “9241 Reorder”.


Use Refund Sale to create a copy of the bill with all items as negative values. This is useful if you need to balance out a credit card return. Note, the return sale bill gets named based on the bill number of the bill you created this bill from. For example, if you tapped Refund Sale on bill 9241, the return sale invoice gets named “9241 Refund Sale”.

Note: if the item is inventoried, ingredients or counts are returned to inventory when you perform a Refund Sale.

Section 1. New Manager Setting


We’ve added a Can Manage Bills as a new manager permission for a Staff Type (Admin | Admin Settings | Staff | Staff Type). If enabled for a staff type (e.g., Manager) staff members logged in as the staff type can access the Refund Sale option. If it is disabled, this option will not be available to them.

Section 2. Removed the Ability to Edit Bill Number


To facilitate the new Return Sale and Reorder options, we’ve had to remove the option to edit your Current Bill # under Bill & Chit. Although viewable, it is now greyed out.


We’ve re-ordered the Menu screen. Menu screen options are now arranged in order of use during set up.


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