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What’s New in TouchBistro 8.8


Chapter 1. Introduction

TouchBistro has added a breaks management feature. Staff can clock out for a break without having to clock out of their shift. Breaks can be set up as paid or unpaid.

TouchBistro now supports connection to the RP457c card reader via Bluetooth. We now integrate with the Moby8500 mobile PINpad reader (via Bluetooth). We have also added Store and Forward for Pro Server users. Solo users will notice improved Store and Forward workflow and reporting.

On the Cloud, you can now enable an integration with Bevchek. Bevchek is an inventory management solution for restaurants and bars.

Consult these releases note for further details about these changes and more.

Need More Help? Email if you are experiencing any issues with this update.

Chapter 2. Breaks Management

Staff can now clock out for breaks (both paid and unpaid). Clocking out for a break no longer creates two shifts. Breaks taken and break lengths are now reflected in iPad and Cloud reports.

Section 1. Setting Up Break Types

Under Staff, we’ve added a new Break Types option.

Here you can set up various break types (Meal, Rest, etc.). They can be set to be paid or unpaid breaks. If unpaid, hours reporting will deduct the break time from accrued paid hours.

Section 2. Taking a Break

If a staff member wants to start a break, the staff member can tap his/her name in the bottom left of the screen.

Enter the passcode and then tap Clock In/Out.

Tap Start Break. If you have set up multiple break types the staff member can choose the type of break.

If the server still has open tables, the server will be given an option to return to the floor plan and assign the tables to another server.

Section 3. Editing Staff Breaks

Admins and managers can access staff breaks and adjust them if necessary. To start tap Admin | Staff List.

Tap the staff member with a shift you wish to edit.

Tap the shift with the break you wish to edit.

Tap the new Add Break option if you wish to add a break the staff member took but forgot to log.

Tap Break Type to select the break and use the Start/End Time wheels to set the break’s start and end time.

Section 4. Reporting

We’ve made changes to both iPad reporting and cloud reporting to handle breaks.

The iPad Hours and Detailed Shift Report (found under Admin | Reports | Labor) now include breaks taken and time taken on breaks.

Cloud has added a Breaks section. These are currently in beta status and may not properly reflect break and labor data. Please use the iPad reports for accurate break reporting. The cloud Labor reports do not report on breaks or factor in time reduction for unpaid breaks.

Please Note: The content hereof is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended, nor should it be relied upon, as legal advice and the user remains strictly responsible for ensuring its use of the TouchBistro services is at all times in strict compliance with applicable law and regulation.

Chapter 3. TouchBistro Payments

TouchBistro Payments now supports connection to the RP457c card reader via Bluetooth. We now integrate with the Moby8500 mobile PINpad reader (via Bluetooth). Store and Forward is now available for Pro Server venues (multi iPad). We have also improved the Store and Forward workflow and reporting.

Section 1. RP457c Bluetooth Support

If you have an RP457c, you can now connect to it via Bluetooth. Previously you could only connect via the audio jack.

To setup your RP457c for Bluetooth, access the TouchBistro Payments setup screen. This screen has been changed to support the additional readers. Tap RP457c (Bluetooth).

You will need to plug your RP457c into your iPad’s audio jack for the pairing to work and power it on. Once paired you can remove it.

Enable Use This Device and tap Pair a New Device.

TouchBistro will find your device. Tap the device name to complete the pairing.

If you prefer to use your RP457c at a counter, to make making tap-to-pay convenient for customers, you can purchase a docking station separately from TouchBistro. The docking station can be plugged into a USB power source for continuous charging of the payment device.

Section 2. Moby8500

To setup your Moby8500 PINpad, access the TouchBistro Payments setup screen. This screen has been changed to support the additional readers.

TouchBistro should find the device. Tap the device name.

After successful pairing, you will see the device in the Paired Device section.

Section 3. Store and Forward

Store and Forward (the ability to take offline payments) is now available to venues using Pro Server. Solo setup users will notice several changes and improvements.

The option to forward your stored offline transactions has been removed from the TouchBistro Payments set up screen. You can forward stored options in two places.

From Admin | Payment Gateway Options.

From Options on the Payment Gateways screen.

Store and Forward now offers a Summary screen. If you’re a Pro Server user (multi iPad), other iPads may have stored transactions. The Summary screen will show how many offline transactions are on other iPads.

After uploading stored transactions, you will now be able to view reporting indicating any uploads that failed. You can print a receipt for additional information. If you still see pending offline transactions, this indicates you still need to forward transactions stored on other iPads.

Section 4. End of Day

The End of Day dialog will now prompt you to submit any unsent stored transactions.

Chapter 4. Epson TM-m30 Support Added

TouchBistro now supports the Epson Tm-m30 thermal printer. It is similar to the TM-T88VI but offers a more compact footprint.

To set up a static IP for this printer, you will need to access your iPad’s App Store and install an app on your iPad called the Epson TM Utility. You can use that app to set the static IP address.

Chapter 5. Bevchek Integration

TouchBistro now integrates with Bevchek. Bevchek is a beverage inventory system. Bevchek can be enabled via the TouchBistro cloud portal. Access the Partners page and enable Bevchek. Once enabled you can share your venue number to your Bevchek onboarding team member. When fully configured by Bevchek, TouchBistro will start sending sales data to Bevchek’s platform.