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Setting Up and Using TouchBistro Loyalty


Chapter 1. Introduction

TouchBistro Loyalty is a digital wallet and loyalty program. TouchBistro venues can distribute a physical loyalty card to customer or contract with TouchBistro Loyalty to produce a branded smart phone app.

This guide will show you how to setup the TouchBistro Loyalty integration and use the loyalty card and app in TouchBistro to take payments or redeem a reward.

Chapter 2. Set Up

Section 1. Enabling the Integration

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways.

3. Tap Loyalty under Digital Wallets to enable it (ensure there’s a Checkmark ).

4. Tap Setup.

5. Enter the Subdomain, Username, and Password you use to log into your Loyalty Dashboard.

6. Tap Done to return to the Payment Gateways screen.

If you would like TouchBistro to always default to the phone number search screen (instead of the camera screen), you can set up this up under payment gateways.

Tap Custom and then tap Manual Search. Tap Done.

Section 3. Linking Menu Items as Rewards

You can use your menu items as rewards. Before you set up your rewards in TouchBistro Loyalty, first ensure your menu items have completed UPC/SKU fields. To do this:

1. Access a menu item you want to be available as a reward (Admin | Admin Settings | Menu | Menu Items).

2. Enter the SKU # in the UPC field. If the products have barcodes, you can use your Bluetooth scanner or the iPad camera to scan in the barcodes.

3. Tap Done to save the change.

4. Log into your TouchBistro Loyalty dashboard. Click Manage point rewards under Content | Rewards.

5. Tap the Add Reward button.

6. Complete the reward dialog box, including the name of the menu item, a description, and the points required to take advantage of this reward. Note: the text you put in the Description field will be customer facing in the loyalty app. Do not enter a negative Point amount.

7. Click Add Reward.

8. Click the SKU button.

9. Enter the UPC code as the SKU #.

10. Select if this is a Percentage reward (for example, a 100% discount) or a Dollars “off” reward (for example $2 off the price of the menu item).

11. Complete the reward Amount and click Save.

Section 4. Loyalty Quick Pay Button

You can add a Loyalty button to your Quick Pay button pad. If tapped, the Loyalty button will launch the TouchBistro Loyalty payment method. You do not have to proceed to the Checkout screen to access TouchBistro Loyalty.

1. To add this button, tap Admin | Admin Settings | Advanced. Scroll to the bottom and tap Change Register Buttons.

2. Tap an unused Quick Pay button like Smart 3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Loyalty.

3. Tap Done.

Chapter 3. Enabling a TouchBistro Loyalty Card

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways and scroll down and tap TouchBistro Loyalty Gift Cards.

1. Use the iPad camera to scan the TouchBistro Loyalty card’s QR code.

2. If the card is not registered, it will say Gift Card at the top and the credit and points totals will be 0.

3. Tap Account Options.

4. Tap Create Account.

5. Complete the account details. All fields are required. Do not put spaces, dashes, brackets, dots, or any other characters between the numbers in the phone number.

6. Tap Save.

7. The card will be in the Not Verified status until the customer accesses his/her email or phone and verifies his/her account.

Note: When registering with TouchBistro Loyalty, you may have opted to make email or phone optional credentials. If email was optional, TouchBistro Loyalty will send a text verification to the customer’s phone number. If both email and phone number are required credentials, TouchBistro Loyalty will verify by email only.

8. After verification, you can add a balance to the card.

Chapter 4. Processing a Payment with a TouchBistro Loyalty Card

TouchBistro Loyalty cards can be used as a digit wallet, that is the card has a stored value (like a gift card) and can be used to pay for items. When a TouchBistro Loyalty card is used to pay, customers get reward points. If a customer wishes to pay with their loyalty card, do the following:

9. From the Checkout Screen, tap the TouchBistro Loyalty payment option.

10. Use the iPad camera to scan the TouchBistro Loyalty card’s QR code or the app’s QR code.

11. At the top of the TouchBistro Loyalty screen, you will see who the card is registered to and any remaining credit/points on the card. Tap Use Credit to accept a payment via TouchBistro Loyalty.

12. Tap Pay in Full. Alternatively, if the customer only wishes to pay a portion of the full amount, enter the amount the customer wishes to charge to the card and tap Charge. You can also enter a higher amount (for example, $45.45) to cover any tip.

13. Close the order. Print or email the receipt if desired.

14. If you print or email the receipt, the receipt prints account details and remaining balances at the bottom of the receipt.

Chapter 5. Redeeming Rewards and Check Ins

Section 1. Redeeming a Reward with a Loyalty Card

If a customer has a loyalty card, they will have to indicate they have enough points on their card and would like to claim a reward.

1. Add the reward item requested by the customer to the Order screen. For example, we set up a salad as a possible reward. This item has some modifiers with upcharges. TouchBistro Loyalty will not discount upcharge modifiers.

2. Tap the Checkout.

3. Tap the TouchBistro Loyalty payment option.

4. Use the iPad camera to scan the TouchBistro Loyalty card’s QR code or the app’s QR code.

5. Tap Redeem Reward.

6. Select the reward. TouchBistro will display qualified and ordered rewards in bold alongside all other possible rewards greyed out. You can use these greyed out rewards to let your customers know the rewards they’re currently qualified for as well as rewards they’re not yet eligible to redeem.

7. If the reward does not fully cover the purchase, you will be returned to the Checkout screen. Complete the payment of the remaining balance with another payment option. Also, in the pictured example above, we can see a 100% reward only covers the basic item, not the item plus modifiers with upcharges.

Section 2. Redeeming a Reward with the App

If a customer is using the app, the customer can view which rewards he/she has earned and select the desired reward in the app.

1. For example, the customer selects the Free Soft Drink reward and then orders a soft drink.

2. Add the item requested by the customer to the Order screen.

3. Tap the Checkout.

4. Tap the TouchBistro Loyalty payment option.

5. Scan the app’s QR code.

6. If the reward fully covers the purchase, close the order.

Section 3. Check In

If the customer wishes to check in but pay with a non-TouchBistro Loyalty option (for example, cash or credit card), do the following:

1. Tap the TouchBistro Loyalty payment option.

2. Tap Check In.

3. Tap OK to return to the Checkout screen and process the order.

Section 4. Logging Check-Ins and Redeeming Rewards Without a Loyalty Card

If a customer registered his or her loyalty card using a phone number but forgot to bring his/her registered loyalty card, you can allow check-ins or a reward redemptions with the phone number used to register the card.

1. After initiating the TouchBistro Loyalty card scan from the Checkout screen, tap the Search by Phone option.

2. Tap Existing, enter the phone number (area code + seven-digit local number with no spaces/dashes/dots) used to register the card, and then tap Search.

3. Tap either Check In to award points to this customer or tap Redeem Reward and use an available reward.

Note: Use Credit and Add Credit are unavailable if the customer only supplies his/her phone number. If the customer wishes to use stored value or add credit, the loyalty card must be present and scanned in.

Chapter 6. Managing

Section 1. Checking a Loyalty Card’s Balance from the Admin Screen

If you need to check a loyalty card’s balance without starting an order, do the following:

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways and scroll down and tap Gift Cards (TouchBistro Loyalty).

1. Use the iPad camera to scan the TouchBistro Loyalty card’s QR code.

2. TouchBistro displays the dollar value remaining on the account and the reward points total.

Section 2. Adding Funds from the Admin Screen

If you need to add funds without starting an order, do the following:

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways and scroll down and tap Gift Cards (TouchBistro Loyalty).

3. Use the iPad camera to scan the TouchBistro Loyalty card’s QR code.

4. Tap Add Credit.

5. Input the desired amount and tap Confirm

6. TouchBistro will report how much was added and the account’s new balance.

Section 3. Handling a Lost Loyalty Card

If a customer has lost his/her loyalty card, you can transfer funds and points to a new card.

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap Payment Gateways and scroll down and tap Gift Cards (TouchBistro Loyalty).

3. Select a new, unregistered card and use the iPad camera to scan the TouchBistro Loyalty card’s QR code.

4. Tap Account Options.

5. Tap Replace Card.

6. Request from the customer the email he/she used to register or the phone number he/she used to register the lost card.

7. Enter the provided credentials and tap Search.

8. If TouchBistro Loyalty finds valid credentials you’ll be asked to verify the replacement. Tap Continue.

9. Tap OK.

10. TouchBistro will show you the credit/points transferred to the new card. However, the customer will be required to validate the transfer by logging into his/her email account or via a text message. Until the customer does this, the new card cannot be used. As well, the old card will automatically be flagged as invalid.

Chapter 7. Refunds

Section 1. Reversing a Reward

If you need to reverse a reward, do the following.

1. Tap Admin | TouchBistro Loyalty Options.

2. Tap a business day. A business day represents the period between the opening of your day and closing of your day.

3. If any rewards were redeemed, you will see them listed here.

4. You can tap the Information icon associated with the reward to reverse it.

5. Reversed rewards are still listed for the day but greyed out.

Section 2. Performing a Refund for a TouchBistro Loyalty Purchase Before You’ve Closed Your Day

To refund a purchase’s dollar value back to the TouchBistro Loyalty account, do the following:

touchbistro screen capture

1. From your floor plan, tap Orders.

2. Tap the bill you wish to refund and tap the More button. Tap Refund Sale.

3. Note the Authorization number from the bill you wish to refund.

4. After tapping Refund Sale, TouchBistro creates the refund sale invoice under Bar Tabs. So tap that.

5. The refund sale invoice is automatically named after the bill number of the refunded bill. Tap it and tap Edit Order to open it (or right swipe on the order).

6. When you open the refund sale invoice, you will notice all items in the refunded bill are negative quantities. If the items have programmed mandatory modifiers, ignore the warning. If the refunded items are inventoried, TouchBistro returns the inventory count. As well TouchBistro correctly calculates the refunded tax. Tap Checkout to close out this refund invoice.

7. Tap the TouchBistro Loyalty Refund option.

8. Enter the Authorization Number from the bill and tap Refund.

Chapter 8. Reporting

When you activate or load a loyalty card, TouchBistro logs the sale in the Gift Card Activity report’s Gift Card Activity section (pictured above). However, it’s important to log any value added to a gift card as a menu item sale to help balance out your cash drawer and credit card receipts as well as accurately log payment methods.

Although it might seem unnecessary to log a gift card value addition as a sale when the Gift Card Activity report already captures a sale, it only provides half the necessary information. Imagine, for example, a customer topped up a loyalty card for $50 and paid with a $50 bill. Your Gift Card Activity report would show a $50 value addition but your End of Day sales report would have no record of the $50 cash payment. Your cash drawer would be $50 over and you could only guess that that $50 represents the $50 gift card top up. As well, many customers will want to pay for the gift card value add with a credit card. To be able to process a sale, you need a gift card value menu item to execute the credit card sale.

To ensure complete and accurate accounting, follow the following steps:

Section 1. Setting Up Your Menu

1. Access Admin | Admin Settings | Menu. You’re going to set up items under Sales Categories, Menu Categories, Menu Items, and then finally Menus.

2. First, tap Sales Category. Create a Sales Category called Gift Cards or Merchandise (if you want to sell other non food/drink items).

3. Create a Menu Category called Gift Cards. Set the Sales Category for Gift Cards or Merchandise (depending on what you created in step 2).

4. Ensure you disable Taxation by removing the checkmark from the included tax. Tap Done

5. Tap Icon and set an appropriate icon.

6. Tap Done.

7. Access Menu Items. Tap Gift Cards.

8. Create a Loyalty Card Value Add menu item under the Gift Cards category.

9. Give the menu item name something like Gift Card Value Add. This will be used when a new card is purchased and value is added to it or when an existing card is topped up.

10. Set it for an Open Price.

11. Ensure Taxes is set to No Tax.

12. Enable Is a Gift Card.

13. Return to the Menu setting screen and tap Menus.

14. Tap a menu category (for example Full Menu).

15. Tap Add Menu Category and add your Gift Cards menu category.

16. Tap Done and then add the Gift Cards menu category to additional Menus as necessary.

Section 2. Adding Funds

After you’ve set up your value add menu item, you can use it to add funds to a loyalty card and properly account for the funds added.

Do the following:

1. Open your cash register.

2. Tap your Gift Card menu category.

3. Tap your Loyalty Card Value Add menu item.

4. Enter the value you wish to add to the card (for example, $50) and then tap Set Price.

5. Double check you set this menu item up not to charge tax. In most jurisdictions, you do not charge tax on values added to a gift card, as the tax is paid when the gift card is used to pay for a good or service. Tap the Checkout icon.

6. From the Checkout screen, tap the TouchBistro Loyalty payment option.

7. Use the iPad camera to scan the TouchBistro Loyalty card’s QR code.

8. Tap Add Credit. Non-managers (or staff types that do not have Can Manage Payment Gateways enabled) will be prompted for a manager passcode to add credit.

9. Input the desired amount and tap Confirm

10. TouchBistro will report how much was added and the account’s new balance.

11. Even though we’ve added a value to the card, we have yet to actually collect payment for the value addition. You can now tap a payment option to collect. If the customer wants to pay cash, tap Cash. Or tap an integrated payment option if the customer wants to pay with a card.

Section 3. Reporting

Let’s assume the $50 value add was the only transaction we’ve had for the day. If we examine the Gift Card Activity Report we can see how TouchBistro reports value additions as well as value additions closed as a transaction.

We can view our Gift Card Activity report in two places:

1) End of Day Report

When you do your end of day, you will be prompted to generate the Gift Card Activity Report along with the usual End of Day Report.

2) iPad Reports

1. To access your reports, tap Admin | Reports.

2. Tap Today or tap Cancel and then select a date range with the Time/Date wheels.

3. Tap Accounting and then tap Gift Card Activity Report to add it.

4. Finally, tap Generate Report.

3) The Gift Card Activity Report

Whether you generate the report via your End of Day process or via your iPad reporting option, the report is the same.

From this report we can see the following:



Gift Card Sales

Under this section we can see the $50 logged by adding Loyalty Card Value Add menu item and closing the sale. This section will report any menu item that was flagged as Is Gift Card.

Gift Card Activity

This section logs actual TouchBistro Loyalty activity. Here we can key details like Amount Added ($50), the server that added it (Admin), the before/after balance, and the account ID this card is registered to (

It’s important to remember from this report, the Gift Card Sales total must equal Total Amount Added.

If they don’t, a server has added value without closing a payment or the server closed an incorrect payment. The example above demonstrates an error. Two Loyalty Card Value Adds menu items were closed for a total of $75. However, TouchBistro logged $150 in TouchBistro Loyalty value additions. In this simple example, it’s obvious server Daniel Y. added $100 to a loyalty card but only took a payment for $25.

Section 4. Adding Fixed Value Quick Load Buttons

After setting up an open priced menu item to add values of any amount, you might want to add some TouchBistro Loyalty menu items with popular amounts, like $10, $20, $50, $100, etc. These fixed value menu items speed the value add process and reduce error (a server doesn’t accidentally punch in $200 when he/she meant to enter $20).

To do this:

1. Access Menu Items. Tap Gift Cards.

2. Tap the Add + icon at the top right to create a new menu item.

3. Give this item a name that incorporates the value of the desired fast load. For example, $10 Fast Load.

4. In the Price field enter the desired fast load value, for example $10.

5. Ensure Taxes is set to No Tax.

6. Enable Is a Gift Card.

7. Tap Done.

8. Create additional fast load menu items.

9. On the Order screen, tap your TouchBistro Loyalty menu category. You’ll see your original open priced value add item plus your new fast load items.

10. Tap a fast load item like $20 Fast Load.

11. Add the value to the card per the usual steps.

12. The Gift Card Activity Report’s Gift Card Sales section will reflect value loads collected via these fast load items.

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