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Selling Items by Weight


Chapter 1. Introduction

You may want to sell items by weight. For example, you might sell coffee beans or tea by grams or by pounds. This guide will show you how to set up TouchBistro to set up and properly sell such items, notably when customers purchase fractional amounts (for example, half a pound of coffee beans).

Chapter 2. Setting Up Menu Items for Sale by Weight

In this example, we’ll set up a menu item to sell coffee beans priced by the pound. First we’ll set up a Menu Category for our coffee beans and then set up the menu items.

1.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2.  Tap Menu | Menu Categories.

3.  Tap the Add + icon at the top right to add a new Menu Category.

4.  Create the menu category. Give the category an appropriate name like Coffee Beans.

5.  Select an appropriate sales category. For example, if you have a sales category called Merchandise, you might associate this menu category with a Merchandise sales category. See this guide for information on how to create new Sales Categories.

6.  Ensure you taxes are set appropriately. Some jurisdictions might consider coffee beans sold by the bag as a tax-free grocery item. Tap Default Taxes and disable the taxes if necessary.

7.  Tap Icon and select an appropriate icon to represent this menu category.

8.  Tap Color and select an appropriate color to represent this menu category.

9.  Tap Save.

10. Tap < Menu to return to the Menu screen.

11. Tap Menu| Menu Items.

12. Tap the Coffee Beans menu category you just created.

13. Tap the Add + icon at the top right to add a new Menu Item.

14. Complete the fields as necessary and tap Done.

15. Add additional items using the Add + icon at the top right.

16. Tap < Menu Categories and then < Menu to return to the Menu screen.

17. Tap Menus.

18. Select which menu you want your Coffee Beans category to be included in. In this example, we might want to select Full Menu and add it to that. Since we would also sell coffee beans during the breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, we’d want to likewise add it to those menus.

19. Tap Add Menu Category.

20. Tap Coffee Beans.

21. Tap Save.

22. Repeat these steps to add Coffee Beans to any other menu.

Chapter 3. Selling by Weight

TouchBistro does not integrate with a scale. However, once weighted, you can sell by a decimal amount. In this example, a customer wants to purchase half a pound of coffee beans.

1.  Tap Coffee Beans.

2.  Tap the beans purchased, for example Pound of Costa Rican.

3.  Tap the item added to the order.

4.  Tap Quantity.

5.  Enter .5 to represent half a pound. Tap Set Quantity.

6.  We can see our coffee beans, priced at $14 per pound, correctly prices to $7 for half a pound.

7.  Take payment and close the order as appropriate.