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TouchBistro is committed to responding to all support inquires. ​ For reporting inquiries or critical issues, please use the below form or email us at

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If you're in North America, you can reach us by phone at 888-342-0131. If you're in the UK, you can reach us by phone at 0800 051 3311 (Outside of North America +1-416-363-5252, Option 2). If you are experiencing a longer than normal wait time, please use the form above or email us at and a representative will contact you.

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Perform End of Day/Preview End of Day


Tap Admin | Perform End of Day or Admin | Preview End of Day.

Before you can generate your end of day report and close your day, TouchBistro prompts you through a checklist of items that need to be closed. Tap Cancel to exit the End of Day Checklist and close tables/tabs/shifts as necessary. At your discretion you can tap Ignore. Tap Generate when you’re ready.

Note: tapping Ignore will not force clock outs, tabs closed, etc.

After generating your end of day report, tap Close Day to close your business day. TouchBistro will record the date and time your day was closed.

Preview End of Day will give you a preview of your end of day report.

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