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Taking and Closing Deposits for Future Orders using Accounts


Chapter 1. Introduction

Sometimes you may have customers that request a large order for a future date (catering an event) or they wish you to host a large event at your venue for a future date (for example, a company Christmas party). Since such large orders require considerable investments in time and material, it’s customary to require a deposit (either cash or on a credit card). Although you want to account for the deposit in your end of day, you don’t want to book the deposit as a sale for that day. You also want to ensure TouchBistro “remembers” the deposit and the deposit gets credited properly when the customer arrives to pick up the large order or pays for the event upon completion.

To do this, you can use the Pay In/Payout feature to log a deposit for your end of day. As well, you can use the Accounts feature to set up an account for the customer, log the deposit with the customer account, and then later charge out the food or completed event to the account.

Pay Ins are a way to account for funds added to your cash drawer without affecting your sales figures. We will set up a Pay In as a way to log a deposit for an account without having to log it as a sale for that day. To create a Deposit Pay In do the following:

1.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings | Menu | Payout Reasons.

2.  Tap the Add + icon to add a reason.

3.  Enter a name that will help you identify the Pay In as a deposit on an account. Tap Save.

Because you’re going to make use of Pay Ins and Accounts, see these two sections in the guide on accounts on how to enable staff members to accept Pay Ins, as well as how to enable staff members to manage accounts:

Set which Staff Type Can Do Pay Ins

Set which Staff Types Can Manage Accounts

Chapter 3. Set your Cash Register Screen to do Pay Ins/Payouts

1.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings | Advanced.

2.  Scroll to the bottom and tap Change Register Buttons.

3.  Tap one of the quick pay buttons you may not use like Smart 3.

4.  Tap Pay In/Out.

5.  Tap Done/Save.

Chapter 4. Configure your End of Day to report on Accounts and Pay Ins

Since you’ll be using Accounts and your Pay Ins frequently, you need to make it a part of your End of Day report.

1.  Tap Admin | Reports.

2.  Tap Cancel.

3.  Tap Load Template.

4.  Tap End of Day.

5.  Tap Accounting and add the Accounts Report and Detailed Account Report to your list of reports.

6.  Tap Accounting and tap Payouts Report.

7.  Tap Save Template.

Chapter 5. Creating the Order Quote

When a customer comes in to order a large advanced order, the first thing you want to do is create a quote and capture details like name, phone number, and agreed upon deposit. This quote can help the customer understand what’s being ordered and the final price.

1. From your floor plan, tap Orders.

2. Tap the All Take-Out/Delivery tab.

3. Tap Add  icon and add a Takeout order.

4. Enter details. Use the Notes area to record the day of pickup (or deliver) and the agreed upon deposit amount.

5. Tap Done.

6. Now enter the items and quantity.

7. Under Receipt Options, tap Print and give a copy to the customer. (Note, if you have Unsent Items Warning set to Warn, you won’t be able to print a receipt this way. You will need to disable this option under Security.)

8. Tap Print again to print a copy of this order for your records. You will use this as a reminder of what needs to be prepared for the day of pickup. Note on the bill a deposit is being left. Note the Order #. You will use this later. Mark on your physical calendar or calendar app that this order needs to be prepared and other details.

9. Tap the Home icon to return to the Orders screen.

10. Tap the Information icon associated with the order and tap Delete Order.

11. We don’t recommend keeping this order open as you have to keep ignoring it every time you perform an end of day.

12. Tap Done to return to the floorplan screen.

Chapter 6. Capturing the Deposit

After the customer has agreed to the order and the deposit, it’s now time to process the deposit.

1.  Tap your cash register.

2.  Tap the Pay In/Payout button.

3.  Enter you’re receiving a $100 deposit. Select the Account Deposit reason. Enter a comment to identify the nature of this deposit. Finally, tap Pay In.

4.  Tap Yes to print a receipt for the customer as a record of the deposit.

Chapter 7. Logging the Deposit with the Account

In the above steps, we have created a record of what needs to be prepared for the Christmas catering job. We have also captured the deposit via a Pay In. The next step is to process the actual deposit and credit this deposit in the customer’s account record.

1.  Tap Admin | Customer Account List.

2.  Tap the customer’s account (e.g., City Hall).

3.  Tap Add Deposit and select a payment method. In this example, we’re paying with an integrated credit card.

4.  For an integrated payment, select Sign on Slip.

5.  Enter the deposit amount. For example, enter $100.00.

6.  Tap Charge.

7.  TouchBistro notes the deposit. Tap OK.

8.  You’ll notice the account’s Remaining Balance is now a negative amount, indicating the deposit has been applied.

9.  Tap Done to return to the floor plan.

It’s important to note when you use the Add Deposit feature, TouchBistro will not report the income. This is why if you want to record the money in for the deposit on the day the deposit is paid, you need to follow the step with the Account Deposit Pay In.

Chapter 8. End of Day Reporting

If the only customer we had for this business day was the City Hall customer placing a $100 deposit and we generated our end of day, we would see the pictured example.

We can see the deposit is not recorded as a sale. We can also see from the Payout report to expect $100 in either cash or a credit card receipt.

Chapter 9. The Day of Pickup

When the customer comes in to pickup and pay for the order follow these steps:

1.  Use Orders | Takeout to recreate the takeout order.

2.  Tap Checkout.

3.  Tap Pay on Account under Payment Options.

4.  Tap the account you set up (e.g., City Hall). Note it will be in the negative due to the deposit.

5.  Tap Pay in Full.

6.  Tap Print Receipt & Close Table.

7.  Tap Admin | Customer Account List.

8.  Tap the customer’s account (e.g., City Hall).

9.  You will now see the order is logged on the account’s Account History screen. As well, the $100 deposit is applied and the Account History screen reports the outstanding balance. Now is the time to settle that balance and accept actual payment for the balance.

10. Tap Apply Payment.

11. Tap the desired payment method. This time if you are using an integrated payment processor, tap Credit Card

12. Tap Sign on Screen and follow the on screen prompts.

13. Tap Pay in Full. (You’ll notice the Pay in Full amount is the bill total less the deposit.)

14. TouchBistro prompts you the payment was added successfully. Tap OK.

15. Exit from the accounts screen.

Chapter 10. End of Day Reporting

Similar to the business day where we collected the $100 deposit, we’ll assume the only customer we had was City Hall coming to pay for the catering job.

If we ran an end of day, we would see you book the full cost on the day of pickup. Your end of day logs it as paid on account.

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