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Chapter 1: Admin Options


Chapter 1. Accessing Admin Settings

You use the Admin Settings page to set up all aspects of your restaurant (printers, menus, floor plans, staff members, and more).

Note: You should avoid making changes to your restaurant while you’re in service. Making a lot of changes while you’re also processing orders can lead to data corruption. Wait until your end of day or before you’ve opened for the day to make changes to your menu items, floor plan, and the like.

To access the Admin section, login with your Admin passcode. The default login pass for Admin is 1234. If you are still using the default passcode, you should change this as soon as possible (see Staff for how to change your passcode).

From your Floorplan screen you will see the Admin menu option in the menu bar. Tap that. The Admin menu section is available to anyone using the Administrator login.

To access the Admin section, tap Admin Settings.

Chapter 2. Settings Options

Along the left side are the available Admin settings. You’ll need to visit each setting to properly set up TouchBistro. Tapping an Admin setting icon (for example, Printers & KDS) opens available setting options.

Admin Setting



The TouchBistro Settings screen provides some critical information that may be requested by technical support.


Your restaurant profile is entered here


Your licensing and purchasing options are found here.

Printers & KDS

Printers and the TouchBistro Kitchen Display System (KDS) are set up here.

Customer Facing Display

If you’ve purchased the TouchBistro CFD, this setting lets you configure how TouchBistro interacts with your CFD.


Your Sales/Menu Categories, Modifications, Menu Items, and Promotions are setup here.


Add and manage your staff and review/edit shift hours.


Here you setup your restaurant floor plan and sections

Bill & Chit

Area to customize your bills/guest checks and your kitchen chits (sometimes called kitchen tickets).

Payment Gateways

Integrated payment processors are configured and managed here.


Ways to customize your restaurant processes are found here.


Options related to TouchBistro security features.


Options related to TouchBistro and its access to cloud features are found here.

Pro Server

If you have set up a restaurant for Pro Server, you can enter your Pro Server upload details here.

Chapter 3. Returning to your Restaurant’s Floor

You can return to your active restaurant at any time by tapping < Restaurant on the top left.

Chapter 4. Exiting Your Restaurant

If you want to exit your restaurant, open another restaurant, or re-open your restaurant, tap Exit Restaurant at the bottom of the Settings column. When you exit the Admin settings for the first time, you will be asked to accept or decline TouchBistro Terms of Use.

Chapter 5. Additional Admin Options

Section 1. Messages

Tap Messages to read or create messages. Messages can be created and sent by staff members. Occasionally TouchBistro will use the message system to alert you about a new update in the App Store.

Tap Received to view any messages received. Tap Sent to review any sent messages.

1) Creating a Message

Tap the Compose icon to create a new message.


Select a Send To option. You can, for example, send a message to all waiters letting them know about daily specials or any upsell campaigns for the day. Tap Other if you want to send an email to one or more specific users.


Tap Add Recipients icon to bring up a list of active staff members. Tap each staff member that should be a recipient and then tap Done. Compose the message and tap Send.

When a new message is received, a message alert/counter will appear.

Tap the Reply icon to reply to a message. Tap Mark As Read to exit out of the message.

Section 2. Bill / Guest Check History

Tap to review all closed bills.

Adjust the Start Date and End Date dial wheels on the top of the screen to specify a date range. Use the optional Years slider if you need to also search on a range of years. Tap Refresh on the top right to display bills for the given date range.

The Total figure indicates the post-tax total of all bills for the date range. The Head Count figure represents the total of all guests recorded on the bills for the date range.

1) Business Days

Tap if you want to quickly set the start date to a particular business day. Adjust the dial wheel to select the month. Tap the business day in the listing.

You can narrow results by tapping Search. Enter the exact name of the waiter, order number, table name, or account.

3) Displaying a Closed Bill

Tap on a bill in the Search Results frame. Tap on the displayed bill to pop up several options:




Tap to print the bill.


Tap to email the bill.


Tap to create a new bill that’s identical to this bill. The order will appear under Orders as a bar tab..

Reopen as a Tab

Tap to re-open the bill as a bar tab. The order will appear under Orders as a bar tab.

Refund Sale

Tap to open a new bill with all items marked as returned (negative values). The order will appear under Orders as a bar tab. If the items are tracked via TouchBistro’s inventory feature (ingredient-level or countdown), items marked as returned will have their inventory returned.

Change Waiter/Waitress

Tap to adjust the staff member who handled the order.

View Payments

Tap to view payment details. You can tap the associated Information icon to process a credit card refund or change a payment type.

Section 3. Customer Account List

Tap Customer Account List to setup and manage accounts.

Accounts are tabs or credit you extend a customer or organization. You set up your own payment schedule with these accounts.

To add an account, tap the Add adminguideimage011 Chapter 7: Order & Credit Card Settings icon.

Enter details about the account. It’s suggested the Account Number is the phone number of the account holder. Tap Done.

1) Full Account Documentation

For full documentation on Accounts, see Understanding Account Reporting.

Section 4. Payment Gateway Options

Tap to perform batch summaries and edit your payment terminals.



Batch Summary

Tap to settle card payments made with your plug-in swiper.

Manage Terminals

Tap to edit or add new payment terminals. These are best set up and managed via the Payment Gateways Settings screen.

Terminal Batch Summary

Tap to settle card payments made with your pinpad terminal.

Section 5. Reports

When you tap Reports, TouchBistro will prompt you to open a report for a business day. Tap Cancel if you want to create a report for a date range. For details about reporting, see our Resources section on Reporting.

Section 6. Sales Statistics & Charts

Tap to view statistics and charts on: section totals, waiter totals, food totals and alcohol totals, tax totals, discount totals, time-based totals and category totals.

Setup your date range and tap RefreshCovers indicates the number of seats. Tap E-Mail to email the sales statistics. Tap Pie Charts to view each section (e.g., Section Totals, Waiter Totals, Food Totals, and Alcohol Totals) as pie charts.


Tap the Sections/Staff/Food/Alcohol tab to get a summary of r:

Your floor sections:  Before tax sales for sections you defined via your floor plan set. The value before the dollar amount indicates the number of bills closed in those sections.

Waiter Totals: Before tax sales each staff member made during their clocked in period for that business day. The number before the dollar amount indicates the number of bills each server closed.

Food Totals: Before tax sales for individual menu items marked as a food sales category.

Alcohol Totals: Before tax sales for individual menu items marked as an alcohol sales category.

Time of Day/Taxes/Discounts/Categories

Tap the Time of Day/Taxes/Discounts/Categories tab to get a summary of:

Tax Totals: The number before the dollar amount indicates the number of bills that charged out the tax.

Time Based Totals: The number of bills closed in each hour block along with the before tax sales totals.

Discount Totals: Voids and discounts applied for the selected time range.

Category Totals: The number of bills closed for each menu category and the before tax sales totals for each menu category.

Section 7. Snapshot Report

The Snapshot Report, for the given time frame (e.g., the current day), will show current labor costs, a running sales total, a ratio of labor/sales, and tips/voids/discounts.

Section 8. Staff List

Staff List shows your list of active and archived staff members.

Slide Only show clocked in to the green position to show staff members currently logged in.

1) Logging Staff Out

1.  If you need to force all staff members to clock out, tap Force Clock Out All Staff.

2.  If you need to clock out a single staff member, tap the Information /wp-content/uploads/2014/11/chapter4image019.png icon associated

2) Adjusting Shift Details

1.  If the staff member is clocked in and you need to adjust his/her clock-in time (e.g., the staff member forgot to clock in until several hours into his/her shift), tap the Information /wp-content/uploads/2014/11/chapter4image019.png icon.

2.  Tap Adjust Clockin Time.

3.  Use the date/time wheel to set the correct clock-in time. Tap Done.

4.  If you need to adjust details of a past shift, tap the staff member’s name.

5.  Tap the Information /wp-content/uploads/2014/11/chapter4image019.png icon associated with the shift you want to adjust.

6.  Tap Edit Shift.

7.  If the staff member incorrectly logged in under an incorrect staff type, tap Staff Type to correct the staff type.

8.  Tap the correct staff type.

9.  The Rate of Pay figure will also change to the rate of pay set for that staff type.

10. If you need to adjust the rate of pay for the shift (for example, the staff member earned time and a half during the shift), tap Rate of Pay.

11. Enter the new rate of pay for that shift and tap Done.

12. If you need to adjust the cash tip reported for that shift, tap Cash Tip.

13. Enter the adjusted cash tip for that shift and tap Done.

14. To adjust the clock-in/clock-out time, tap Clock-in Time and Clock-Out Time.

15. Use the date/time wheels to set the correct shift times.

16. Tap Clock-in Time or Clock-Out Time to hide the date/time wheel.

17. Verify the new Shift Length figure.

18. Tap Done.

19. TouchBistro marks the staff shift as being modified to ensure transparency.

3) Reprint a Shift Report

After a waiter clocks out, the waiter’s shift totals (sales totals, payment totals, cashed owned to house/waiter) displays. Many venues want their waiters to print this report before leaving for the day or night. However, waiters sometimes forget to print this report. If the waiter forgets, Managers and the Admin user can easily print the shift total themselves.

1.  If the staff member forgot to print/email his/her shift report or you need to refer to it, tap on the staff member’s name.

2.  Tap the Information /wp-content/uploads/2014/11/chapter4image019.png icon associated with shift you need to reprint.

3.  Tap View Shift Report.

4.  Use the print or email button as needed for your system.

Section 9. Perform End of Day/Preview End of Day.

Before you can generate your end of day report and close your day, TouchBistro prompts you through a checklist of items that need to be closed. Tap Cancel to exit the End of Day Checklist and close tables/tabs/shifts as necessary. At your discretion you can tap Ignore. Tap Generate when you’re ready.

Note: tapping Ignore will not force clock outs, tabs closed, etc.

After generating your end of day report, tap Close Day to close your business day. TouchBistro will record the date and time your day was closed.

Preview End of Day will give you a preview of your end of day report.

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