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Assigning Staff to Tables, Sections, and Floors


Chapter 1. Introduction

Some venues may want to pre-assign staff members to a certain table (or cash register), a certain section (for example, a bar area section), or a whole floor (for example, the patio floor).

This pre-assigning can be done for a few reasons:

1. To color code tables or bar stools in sections so it is clear which server is responsible for which section.

2. For convenience. When a server clocks in for the day, the server is immediately taken to their assigned table, register, or floor.

3. For security. You want to lock servers to a particular section and you do not want them to have the ability to access tables or registers they’re not assigned to.

Chapter 2. Color Coding Areas of Responsibility

Imagine our main floor has three sections:

1. A Window Bar section

2. A main Dining Room section

3. A Music Room section

We want staff member Rosalyn to have the Window Bar section as her responsibility. We want staff member Vanessa to have the Dining Room as her responsibility. And we want staff member Derek to have the Music Room as his responsibility.

You will notice under the List of Staff screen each of these staff members is assigned a unique color.

Their color can be changed by opening the staff member and tapping the Assign Color for Tables option and using the color picker to select a new color.

1. Open the Floorplan screen and tap Edit Sections.

2. You will see your sections without any server assignments.

3. Tap Window Bar and tap Rosalyn. You can assign this section to only one staff member. Tap Save.

4. After tapping Save, you will notice the Window Bar section gets assigned Rosalyn’s staff color and the Sections screen indicates who the section has been assigned to.

5. Open Dining Room and assign it to Vanessa.

6. Repeat for Derek. Tap Save when you’re done assigning Sections to staff members.

7. If you return to your floor plan, you will now see each section is color-coded to the staff color of the assigned staff member.

8. This does not, by default, lock these tables or barstools to the assigned staff member. For example, if Derek opens barstool 100, it gets assigned his color and sets him as the owner of that order/party.

Chapter 3. Assigning a Default Table, Register, or Floor to a Staff Member

You can assign a table, cash register, or an entire floor to one or more staff members. When assigned, the staff member will immediately be taken to the table, register, or floor when starting their shift. To set this up, follow these steps:

Section 1. Assigning a Staff Member to Floor

1. Access Admin | Admin Settings | Staff | Staff and open the staff member you wish to set up an assignment for.

2. Tap Assign Default Table.

3. You will be taken to your floor plan. Let’s say staff member Karl was hired to work the patio during good weather. If Karl is scheduled for a shift, Karl is on the patio. Tap the floor option at the bottom of the screen and select Patio.

4. Do not tap any table or register. Verify you’re on the floor you want to assign to the staff member and tap Save as Default Floorplan.

5. You’ll be taken back to the staff member’s Edit Staff screen. You’ll see the Assign Default Table option now displays the assigned floor. Tap Save to save this change.

6. If Karl clocks in for his shift, the assigned floor (i.e., Patio) opens by default.

Unlike assigning a section (which limits you to one staff member per section), you can assign the same floor plan to multiple staff members. For example, Darko was also hired to work patio exclusively. We can follow the same steps above and have the Patio floor open automatically for Darko upon clock in.

Section 2. Assigning a Staff Member to Table or Register

1. Access Admin | Admin Settings | Staff | List of Staff and open the staff member you wish to set up an assignment for.

2. Tap Assign Default Table.

3. Locate the appropriate floor and tap the desired table or register. In this example, like the previous one, staff member Darko was hired to work the patio during good weather. However, we want Darko to work at the cash register on the patio. So we’d tap the Patio Register on the floor plan.

4. Verify this is the table or register you want to assign the staff member to and tap Save.

5. When Karl clocks in for the start of his shift, the Patio Register immediately opens for him.

You will note, unlike assigning a section to a staff member, assigning a floor or a table/register to a staff member does not change the colors of any of the tables.

Chapter 4. Locking Staff Members to Assigned Tables

If you enable Lock Staff to Assigned Tables, you can ensure staff members not assigned a certain table or section cannot access the table or section.

Section 1. No Sections Assigned

Imagine we’ve enabled Lock Staff to Assigned Tables but we’ve not assigned staff to any sections.

Rosalyn clocks in and opens table 205. The table is given her staff member color.

If Karl tries to access her table, Karl will get a message indicating he is locked out. Managers and Admins are able to access any table, even if Lock Staff to Assigned Tables is enabled.

Section 2. Sections Assigned

Let’s return to our setup where we’ve assigned three different sections to three different servers. Rosalyn was assigned the Window Bar.

When Lock Staff to Assigned Tables was disabled, Derek could open a table or barstool in Rosayln’s section. However, when Lock Staff to Assigned Tables is enabled, Derek is now prevented from opening any table or barstool in Rosyaln’s section (as well as Vanessa’s section).

Tables in grey (for example, all the tables on the patio floor) can still be opened by any server, including servers with assign sections.

Chapter 5. What Lock Staff to Assigned Tables Does Not Lock Staff Out Of

1. If you remember in our previous example, we assigned the Patio floor to Karl and the Patio Register to Darko. Even if Lock Staff to Assigned Tables is enabled, assigned floors and tables can still be opened by any other server.

2. Cash registers can be accessed by any staff member, even if a cash register was assigned to a staff member (e.g., Darko was assigned to the Patio Register).