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Using the Chase Merchant Services Desk/5000

Accepting Credit Card Payments

After you’ve set up your terminal details in the Admin section, you or your staff are now ready to start accepting payments with your Chase Desk/5000.

1. Ensure you are on the Welcome screen.

2. In TouchBistro, from the Checkout screen, tap Payment Terminal.

3. Tap Pay in Full. Do not include tip. Alternatively, if the customer only wishes to pay a portion of the full amount, enter the amount the customer wishes to charge to the card and tap Charge.

4. Confirm the amount.

5. If tipping was enabled select the tip method.

6. If the tip guide was enabled, select a suggest tip or tap Other to enter a customer dollar/percentage amount.

7. Review the new amount and tap Accept.

8. The customer should now insert, swipe, or tap his/her card.

9. The customer should confirm the amount.

10. The customer should enter his/her PIN.

11. The payment will be approved (or declined). Remove the card.

12. The Move/5000 terminal will print a merchant copy and give the customer a choice whether or not they want their copy.

Card Not Present Transaction

A card not present transaction is typically used for phone orders. For example, you prefer to take advanced payment over the phone for a takeout or delivery order.

Follow the normal steps for processing an order and initiating the payment process with the Desk/5000.

1. When the Desk/5000 prompts you to swipe, insert, or tap the card, use the PINpad keypad to input the customer’s card number and press the green Enter key on the terminal.

2. Enter the card’s expiry date.

3. Enter your Manager ID and password.

4. Tap No.

5. Enter that card’s 3 or 4 digit CVD/CVV on the back of the card.

6. Finally, enter the customer’s postal code. Use the keyboard button to enter both letters and numbers.

7. Complete the payment as normal.


Refunds can be done from under your Closed Bills tab or from under Admin | Bill Guest Check History (typically to refund bills from a past day). In these examples, we’re going look at refunding from your Closed Bills tab.

Doing a Full Refund

1. From your floor plan, tap Orders.

2. Tap the bill you wish to refund and tap the More button. Tap Refund Sale.

3. Tap Full Refund.

4. Tap the Integrated Refund option.

5. Enter your Manager ID and password.

6. Insert, swipe, or tap the card used to make the original payment.

7. The customer will be prompted to sign the merchant copy of the credit card receipt.

8. The terminal will print merchant/customer copies of the return receipt. Ensure customers sign the merchant copy, even if it was a chip/tap return.

9. You are returned to the Closed Bills tab. Your refunded negative sales invoice is moved to Closed Bills.

10. Your end of day will properly reflect the original bill and the matching refund. In the example pictured above, we’ll assume we’ve only performed a single transaction for the day. We can see our order for $90.40 matched with a $90.40 refund.

Doing a Partial Refund

These steps assuming you’re refunding a bill for the current day. If the bill that needs to be refunded is from a previous day, find the bill via Bill / Guest Check History.

1. From your floor plan, tap Orders.

2. Tap the bill you wish to refund and tap the More button. Tap Refund Sale.

3. Tap Partial Refund.

4. Swipe left on the items you don’t want to refund and tap Delete.

5. Tap Back and return to the floorplan. Do not tap Checkout.

6. Follow the normal steps for performing a full refund.

Doing a Card Not Present Refund

If the diner cannot come into the venue with his/her card, you can do a refund as long as the diner can read you his/her card number.

1. To do this, follow all the steps for a normal refund until you come to the Tap/Insert/Swipe/Key screen. Use the terminal’s keypad to enter the credit card number.

2. Have the customer read you the expiry date in the form MMYY (e.g., 0622) and enter it.

3. Enter your manager ID and password.

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