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Setting Up and Using Digital Gift Cards


The Digital Gift Cards lets you offer diners a completely digital gift card experience. TouchBistro Digital Gift Cards can be sold through the TouchBistro POS or your Customer Web App (CWA). Diners with Digital Gift Cards can pay their bill using their own device via a QR code located in the CWA.

To enable Digital Gift Cards you will log onto your TouchBistro Loyalty dashboard. If you’ve not signed up for our basic or premium loyalty tiers, loyalty functionality will be unavailable to you.

Before You Begin

Build Out Your Customer Web App

If you intend to make digital gift cards available through the Customer Web App, you will need to build it. This guide assumes you already have an active customer web app. If you don’t, see this guide for information on how to configure your web app.

Unlock the Digital Gift Card Module

Until you purchase the Digital Gift Card module, the Gift Cards option on your Loyalty dashboard will not be enabled.

Once enabled you will be able to select your payment account from the drop-down dialog box.

Update to the Latest Version of TouchBistro POS

Ensure your iPads and Mac Pro Server (if you are using one) are updated to the latest version of TouchBistro. See this guide on how to check for updates if you are on iOS12 or this guide if you’re on iOS13 or higher. See this guide on how to update your Mac Pro Server.

Sign Up for TouchBistro Online Payments

You cannot offer and redeem Digital Gift Card until you’ve signed up for TouchBistro Online Payments and you’ve passed adjudication. See this guide for a walk through of the process.

Enable Digital Gift Card in Your Cloud Portal’s App Marketplace

Access your cloud portal, click App Marketplace, locate the Digital Gift Card “chicklet” and click Set Up to enable.

Set Up Your Menu to Sell Gift Cards

See this guide for steps on how to create menu items that allow you to add value to Digital Gift Cards.

After the Digital Gift Card Module is Enabled

You will need to access your loyalty dashboard. You have been emailed instructions on how to log in. Refer to that email for your username and password. If you forgot your password, see this link.

1. Log in to your loyalty dashboard.

2. Click Restaurant Web App Admin Page. (If you’re not also signed up for the Loyalty module, your screen will be lacking the loyalty options pictured above.)

3. You will see a new Gift Cards button you can add to your CWA. Drag and drop it on the preview.

4. Select your venue. If you have more than one location, select the main venue that was used to register TouchBistro Payments with.

5. Click Save Changes.

Customer Purchasing a Gift Card Using TouchBistro POS

1. From a register screen (or table), tap your Value Add menu item.

2. Enter how much the customer wants on the Digital Gift Card.

3. Tap TouchBistro Gift Cards and tap Continue to TouchBistro Gift Cards.

4. Enter the purchaser’s information.

5. Select if the gift card is for the purchaser’s CWA or it should be sent to another person.

6. If the Digital Gift Card is meant for someone else, enter the new person’s information.

7. Select if you want to send it immediately or delayed (for example, the day of the person’s birthday).

8. Once the gift card is added to the bill, you can either add another gift card to the bill by following the same process or proceed to checkout. The gift card balance will be loaded upon completed payment.

9. The purchased gift card is delivered to the recipient via email and is accessible from the CWA as well once the user account is registered. Purchasers will receive an email receipt.

Customer Purchasing a Gift Card Using the Customer Web App

Diners using your web app can also purchase Digital Gift Cards directly from the web app. Ensure first, however, you’ve added the Digital Gift Cards button from the Web App Setup feature on your loyalty dashboard.

1. If the diner wishes to purchase a Digital Gift Card through the web app, the diner should tap the Digital Gift Cards button.

2. The diner should then tap Shop Gift Cards.

3. The diner should then select the amount to add to the Digital Gift Card using the Gift Card Amount drop-down box. Amounts cannot be lower than $5 or higher than $100. The diner should also select whether or not he/she wants to send the Digital Gift Card as a gift to someone else or add it to his/her web app. The diner should also enter details about the recipient. The diner should ensure he/she enters a correct email. If the email is incorrect but valid, there is no way to cancel or redirect the gift card.

4. The diner can tap Date to be Sent and have the Digital Gift Card emailed out at a later date.

5. Once everything is set, the diner should tap Add to Order.

6. The diner should review the purchase one last time. The diner can tap Edit to change the name/value/email address if an error was made or delete the purchase altogether.

7. If everything looks good, however, the diner should tap Continue to Payment.

8. Complete the payment details and tap Complete Purchase.

9. After successful payment, the recipient will receive an email with the Digital Gift Card and the QR code they will need to present to claim the value.

Paying with a Digital Gift Card

1. From the checkout screen, tap Gift Card.

2. Tap Use Camera to scan in the customer’s Digital Gift Card QR code or enter the Digital Gift Card’s associated card number and tap Search.

3. After scanning the QR code or entering the card number, you will see the balance on the card. Tap Use Credit.

4. Enter the amount of credit they want to apply to the bill manually, choose to pay in full, or redeem the remaining amount on the card.


Click Gift Cards on your loyalty portal and then click the Gift Card Reporting tab. You have the ability to download a CSV report for gift card usage.

Gift card usage is tracked by the card’s Reference ID.

Reference IDs are found in the email

If the Digital Gift Card is added to the diner’s CWA, the diner can find the reference ID by tapping the button in the top right and then tapping View Reference ID.

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