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Compatible Printers

Compatible Printer Table

ConnectionKitchen Tickets?Receipts?Reports?
Star MicronicsThermalTSP100 (113LAN, 143LAN), TSP650 II, TSP100III (143IIILAN)Cat5e EthernetY*YY
Star MicronicsThermal TSP650II (TSP654 HI X Connect)Cat5e EthernetY*YY
Star MicronicsThermalTSP100 (143IIIW)Wi-fiY*Y*Y*
Star MicronicsImpactSP712ML/ME, SP742ML/MECat5e EthernetYNN
Star MicronicsThermalTSP650 IIBluetoothY*YY
Star MicronicsThermalTSP100III (TSP143BI)BluetoothY*YY
Star MicronicsThermalTSP100III (TSP143IIIU)USBY*YY
Star MicronicsThermalmC-Print3 (MCP31L)USB/Cat5e EthernetY*YY
Star MicronicsThermalmC-Print3 (MCP31LB)USB/Cat5e Ethernet/BluetoothY*YY
EpsonThermalTM-T88VIUSB/Cat5e EthernetY*YY
EpsonThermalTM-m30USB/Cat5e EthernetY*YY
EpsonImpactU220BUSB/Cat5e EthernetYNN

Y*– Yes, but not recommended

Star Micronics Printer Notes

Thermal – TSP100 (TSP113LAN, TSP143LAN), TSP100III (TSP143LAN) Ethernet Printer

Thermal – TSP650 II series Ethernet Printer: the TSP650II model with the HI01/HI X Ethernet/USB dual interface is supported but not recommended.

Thermal – TSP100III (TSP143IIIW) Wi-Fi Printer: We do not recommend this printer except for small quick serve venues.

Thermal – TSP654IIBI/TSP143BI Bluetooth: These printers should only be used with a limited number of Food Truck configurations. This printer should not be used if you need to connect other Bluetooth devices to the iPad (for example a Moby payment device).

Thermal – TSP100III (TSP143IIIU): USB/lightning cable printer. This should not be confused with the TSP143U. The TSP143U does not support a lightning cable. This is not a networked printer. If you are using an iDynamo, you cannot also use this printer with the iPad using the iDynamo. If your iPad is a 3rd generation (or later) iPad Pro 11″ or 12.9″ you will need a USB A to USB C cable. This is sold separately. You cannot use an adaptor.

Thermal mC-Print3 comes in two models: MCP31L and MCP31LB. The MCP31L offers USB and Ethernet connections. The MCP31LB offers USB, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connections. If you plan to use a printer in Bluetooth mode, we only recommend Bluetooth mode be used with a limited number of Food Truck configurations.

Impact – SP 700 series (e.g. SP712ML/ME, SP742ML/ME) Ethernet Printer

General Notes

We do not support the TSP100ECO printer (either USB or Ethernet configuration).

Ethernet printers require an Ethernet cable run from each printer to the router.

SERIAL/PARALLEL/IDN PRINTERS are NOT compatible with TouchBistro and will not work. See Do I have the Right Printer? for help determining if your printers work with TouchBistro. Using an adapter that turns your serial or parallel port printer into an Ethernet plug will not work with TouchBistro.

If you have both thermal and impact printers, make sure each is loaded and well supplied with the PROPER paper. If you load paper intended for an impact printer into a thermal printer, the thermal printer will not print. Thermal printers need a special heat sensitive paper.

We also support the Star Kitchen Buzzer.

Epson Printer Notes

We support three Epson thermal printers: the U220B,  TM-T88VI and the TM-m30. We do not support earlier versions of the TM-T88 (V, IV, III, etc.)


Printers support 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Impact Printer Character Set

The Star SP 700 series can output a standard Latin character set. Click here to see a sample.

Cat5/Cat5e versus Cat6/Cat7 Ethernet Cables

TouchBistro recommends using Cat5e Ethernet cables to wire your printers and other LAN-based devices. Although Cat6 and Cat7 offers higher data speeds (10 Gigbits versus Cat5’s 1 Gigabit throughput), Cat6 and Cat67 cables are  about 30% more expensive than Cat5e cables. You will not see any performance benefits using Cat6/Cat7 over Cat5e for your TouchBistro network.

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