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Moneris iWL220 Troubleshooting

Max Refund Exceeded Error

Moneris sets a daily maximum for refunds and voids. For example, you may not be able to refund more than $5,000 a day and void $500 a day. This error means you’ve exceeded one of those limits. Wait until the next day to do the void or refund. Contact your Moneris representative to check your limits.

Admin Card is giving a “Swipe Error”

Check with your Moneris representative. Ask them to check they have attached the Admin card to the Merchant ID properly.

You’re getting Initialization Failed ( Error 078)

Contact your Moneris representative. Ask if there is an Amex Flag preventing all terminals on the account from initializing. 

Invalid Clerk Error

Put the terminal into Standalone mode (see this guide for information on how to enter standalone mode). Press #. Go to Configuration and press OK. Go to Clerk Totals. Swipe the admin card. Type in your Merchant ID, and press OK. On the Clerk Subtotal screen, press F4 to select No (button in the top right). Now press the red Cancel button 2-3 times until the merchant ends back at the main screen. Press F2 to switch to restaurant mode and complete a test transaction.

You Cannot See a Table

Ensure your table names only have letter and numbers. If you have keyboard characters, this can interfere with the iWL222’s ability to see those tables.

If table names are correct, you can access Admin | Admin Settings | Payment Gateways. Tap the Setup button associated with Moneris. Set Find tables by to Order Number.

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