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Changing a Modifier’s Mandatory Setting After It has been Associated with Menu Items

Changing a Modifier Group’s Mandatory Setting for Associated Menu Items

Sometimes you may create an optional modifier and associate it with various menu items. Later you decide it should be a required or “forced” modifier. If you later change it to being a forced modifier, TouchBistro will not change the menu item’s optional modifier status. In other words, even though you’ve now made it a forced modifier, when you add items to the order screen, TouchBistro won’t automatically pop up the Modifications dialog box.

Example Steps

This document will walk you through how to reset your modifier associations to get menu items to automatically invoke the forced modifier.

1. Before you begin make sure none of the menu items with the modifier association are on open order screens. Close those tables or orders before making changes to the modifiers.

2. Let’s say you created a modifier called Add Ons. Initially it was for optional mods with up charges (like bacon or cheese) but you decided to add free add ons like condiments and veggies.

3. If you change Minimum number of selections required per menu item from 0 to 1, TouchBistro will not yet apply the new forced setting.

4. Tap Done.

5. Tap the Information icon associated with the modifier group.

6. Tap Assign to Menu Items.

7. Find the menu items this modifier was assigned to under the category tabs.

8. Tap each item to remove the checkmarks.

9. Tap Done.

10. Tap the Information icon associated with the modifier group.

11. Again find the menu items you want to associate with the modifier group.

12. Tap each item to add the checkmarks.

13. Tap Done.

Your modifier group will now apply the “force” when the item is added to the order screen.

If you later decide to make a forced modifier group optional, repeat these steps. Remove the checks and then re-add the checks after changing the modifier group to optional.

Changing a Modifier Group’s Mandatory Setting at the Menu Item Level

Imagine you have a mandatory modifier group but want to make it optional for one particular menu item. Alternatively, you have a modifier group that is not set to be mandatory but for one particular menu item you want to make it mandatory. This section will show you how to change the modifier group’s mandatory setting at the Menu Item level.

Example Steps

Let’s say you have a mandatory milk Modifier Group (this is set by entering a number greater than 0 in the Minimum Number of Selections required‘s field).

When a person orders a latte or cappuccino, by setting the Minimum Number of Selections required field to 1 you require the server to ask about what kind of milk they want the coffee beverage to be made from (2%, soy, etc.).

Later, you add a Strawberries and Cream menu item to your dessert menu. By default the menu item comes with a bowl of cream. However, calorie-conscious customers may request the dish made with 2%/whole milk. Lactose intolerant customers may request the dish be made with soy or almond milk. In this case you can reuse the Milk modifier group.

1. On your menu item screen, tap Modifiers.

2. Tap the Add icon to add the Milk modifier group.

3. Tap the Milk modifier group to select it and tap Done.

4. TouchBistro will add it to the list of modifier groups for this menu item (in this case, you’ll only see one). Tap the Milk modifier group again.

5. By default, Forced Modifier Count will be set to the modifier group’s original setting. In this case, a server will always be prompted to select one milk option if a customer orders Strawberries and Cream.

6. However, since we want this modifier group to only be available for the odd customer that wants an alternative to cream, set Forced Modifier Count to 0. When set to 0 it won’t automatically pop up when the dish is ordered. Tap Done.

7. Tap Done again.

8. You will see Milk has now been added as a modifier for this menu item. Tap Done to save this setting.

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