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Automated Marketing


If you’ve purchased TouchBistro Loyalty Premium, Automated Marketing is a feature available to you. Automated Marketing allows you to set up an unlimited number of automated promotions and communications. There is no need to recreate a promotional campaign manually. They can be recurring (like monthly) or one time (create it in winter but launch in spring). Automated Marketing uses your saved filters as well as existing Promotions.

Automating the Marketing of Your Promotions

1.  Click on Guest Reporting and the Your Saved Filters tab.

2.  Select one of your saved filters. If you don’t have a saved filter that targets the user segment you wish to target, return to Guest Filters and define a new one. See this guide for more information.

3.  In this example, we’ll create a marketing automation that sends a promotion at the start of every month to diners who have a birthday in that month. So click the Automated Marketing button associated with the appropriate Saved Filter.

4.  Click Create New Automation. If you have other marketing automations associate with this filter you will see them listed here.

5.  Give your automation a name and select one of your existing promotions. You do not have to attach a promotion. For example, maybe you just simply want to wish your customers a happy birthday or let them know upcoming closures. If you simply want to message your customers, leave the Promotions field blank.

6.  After determining name and promotion, decide how you want to direct this automation. You can use In-App messaging targeted at their Customer Web App or you could send the diner an email or both. In this example, we’re going to set both. This way we can insure we cover diners that have installed the Customer Web App and those that have not.

7.  If you are sending an In-App Message, enter the message title and the body of the message. The message body cannot exceed 140 characters.

8.  If you are sending an email, select the email template you’ve already created via SendGrid. You cannot define the text of the email here. The text should be added to the selected template on your SendGrid portal.

9.  After setting your messaging, click Set Schedule.

10. Define the automation’s frequency. You can set it for:


The automation will run on the chosen calendar day of the week (e.g., Sunday, Friday, etc.) and rerun exactly 7 days later.


The automation will run on the chosen day of the month (e.g., 1st of the month.) and rerun on that day each and every month.


The automation will run on chosen day of the chosen month (e.g., 1st of January.) and rerun on that day of that month every year.


The automation will not recur. It will run once on the selected date. Once is useful if you want create a marketing automation in early spring and have it launch late spring to target patio goers.

11. Once you select your schedule, it’s good to review the “plain language” description. If you’re satisfied, click Save.

12. Review your automation and then click Save. Upon clicking Save, your automation is set to run based on your defined parameters. Automations launch at 9 AM EST.

Editing or Suspending an Automation

1.  To edit or suspend an automation, click on the saved filter it was built under.

2.  You will see all active automations using this filter. If you wish to see inactive automations (for example, you want to revive one), disable View Active Only.

3.  Click the automation’s Edit button and adjust the automation as appropriate.

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