Frequently Asked Questions

  • TouchBistro has a SRM (Sales Recording Module or MEV in French) in-house and we're developing for it. However, there is no specific release date for SRM support in TouchBistro.

  • TouchBistro uses your iPad's Region Format settings and uses the currency associated with the region you selected. To check your Region Format, tap the Settings icon. Tap General. Scroll down to International and tap that. Tap Region Format and select the region appropriate to your currency. If you've changed your region and TouchBistro is still running, close TouchBistro and restart it for the new currency settings to take effect.

  • Login as Admin. Tap Admin | History & Reports | Bills/Guest Check History.. Search for and find the bill. Tap on the bill you need to adjust and then tap on the bill itself to reopen it as a tab. For detailed step-by-step information, see this How To guide.