TouchBistro Product Reviews

We think TouchBistro is the best POS on the market. But don't take our word for it. Check out some
of the rave reviews we've received from our customers and industry experts.

Customer Support : 5 Stars

“Before opening our restaurant they were with us every step of the way and after they made the sale they have remained committed to excellent customer service”

OVERALL : 5 Stars

“The guest interaction is remarkable: if they have a question, the server can show them a picture of the item and a full description immediately. Patron’s love the efficiency and speed of closing their tab and the prompt service TouchBistro enables.”

Customer Support : 5 Stars

“TouchBistro is very responsive and helpful in getting set up and running. They are always working on updates”

Ease-of-use : 5 Stars

“We found the system much easier to use than the system we had been on. The menu and item modifiers are very easy and is a great way to remind staff to up sell a product.”

Overall : 5 Stars

“I like how the people behind the product know the product. The POS system itself is easy to learn and provides a great interactive tool that customers like.”

Overall : 5 Stars

“I have been working in the restaurant industry for about 10 years now and I have never come across such a user friendly system. You can easily manage your business with the swipe of a finger!”

Customer Support : 4.5 Stars

“Super easy to use. Does not take up much space. Good customer service. I would reccomend it”

Overall : 5 Stars

“As a small 10 table restaurant, the fact that we no longer have a central POS taking up floor space in itself is invaluable. Also, increasing turn times, especially on the weekends has increased sales dramatically”

Ease-of-use : 5 Stars

“Small easy to use package, does not take up space. The support team is easily accessible. Don’t waste your time shopping around”

Overall : 5 Stars

“TouchBistro has been a game changer for the way we operate our business. The ease of use and adaptability has made this software a key asset in the operation of our overall day to day.”

Overall : 5 Stars

“The main thing that really impresses me is the support & customer service. I’ll get phone calls or emails back VERY quickly if I need some help. You have the big-company support with the small-company personal feel.”

OVERALL : 5 Stars

“Easy to set up, customize and train. Efficient and quick during service. Scalable and affordable, perfect for small restaurants, bars and cafes. Integration with other providers is increasing with each update.”

Overall : 4.5 Stars

“TouchBistro is very easy to use, since it’s iPad based and most of our staff is familiar with using iPads. It makes training a breeze!”

Overall : 5 Stars

“We are very impressed with the ease of use as well as the reports we are able to pull from the system.”

Overall : 4 Stars

“Excellent customer service. They respond to me immediately when I have a problem.”

Overall : 5 Stars

“Easy and efficient software. Been with them since the beginning and have seen the constant changes and improvements.”

“It’s the #1 trend in the food and drink industry and has captured the minds and wallets of the 18-34 crowd”

“TouchBistro POS helps you deliver on all counts.”

“TouchBistro’s drive to offer the easy, simple, and complete POS solution means offering a POS solution that makes the life of your servers easier. From seating patrons to taking orders to cashing the table out, TouchBistro works in an intuitive way.”

“After much research and analysis of point-of-sale (POS) systems, we recommend TouchBistro as the best POS system for restaurants.”

“Whether you run a fine-dining restaurant, casual eatery, café, food truck, pub or any other type of restaurant, TouchBistro is an affordable and easy-to-use POS system that focuses solely on your unique needs.”

“TouchBistro focuses solely on features that restaurants truly need. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles that add bulk to the software, making it the perfect solution for a small business.”

“Splitting and sharing is easier here than on pretty much any POS system we’ve reviewed. Gone are the days of servers hurriedly trying to solve billing dilemmas while customers sit gazing at their confused faces.”

“The ease with which the system displays and updates crucial data surely appeals to any busy restaurant.”

“TouchBistro is a master class in order workflow. It may seem simple at a glance, but its beauty belies the beast beneath.”

“TouchBistro is a proven, successful Point of Sale application that runs solely on mobile iPads that are synchronized through a local network. The hardware setup is simple and low cost.”

“Customers love the modern look and feel of the tablet-based check out system that can handle seating and table assignments, menu selections and ordering, wireless transfer of orders to the kitchen, split tickets and tabs, and daily sales reports.”

“The mobility allows restaurants to complete every task with greater ease and speed. Staff can spend more time on the floor attending to customers and creating a positive dining experience.”

Top Ten Reviews

“Between the personalized receipts and the end-of-day checklist, TouchBistro strives to be a comprehensive solution to restaurateurs who need a point-of-sale system to do all the things.”

“It can be used by pizzerias, bars, food trucks, full service and casual restaurants, and you can use almost any credit card processor you’re familiar with.”

“The system is easy to use…it has a hefty back office that supports a front end full of buttons and swipes for your staff. Once you find where everything is, though, the process goes smoothly.”