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With a nickname as foodie-friendly as the Big Apple, it’s no wonder NYC is home to some of the best restaurants and cuisine in the world. But with the abundance of restaurants in New York City all vying for their share of the customer’s wallet, there’s been a growing trend across the city, from Staten Island to the Bronx, toward using an iPad point of sale to get the upper hand.

Having a sleek iPad POS system is helping tons of NYC restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and food trucks stand out from their competitors by increasing sales, lowering operational costs, and providing an amazing customer experience that garners more favorable reviews. Whether it’s a trendy diner in Brooklyn, a ritzy martini bar in Manhattan, or a food truck that tours the streets of Queens, restaurant owners across NYC are leveraging an iPad POS to give them a strong competitive advantage.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About TouchBistro

  • CrossTown Pub

  • SteamWhistle Brewery

  • Frere De Lys

  • Jack’s Sliders

CrossTown Pub
What Our Customers Think of TouchBistro
John Chadwell
Beehive Oven, Brooklyn

“With TouchBistro, our servers are able to turn tables quicker, to increase sales for the restaurant and earn more tips for themselves.”

  • “We add different beer and wine to our menu all the time, and with TouchBistro it’s easy to make those additions on the fly. TouchBistro also allows us to see which beer is selling well and make decisions accordingly.

    “Being hightouch with our customers is very important, and TouchBistro helps with that. We’re able to notice if something is wrong with our customer’s experience a lot easier because the server is able to be at the tableside during order-taking and processing, as well as payment processing.”

  • “The support that TouchBistro gives, makes our job a lot easier. We’re able to focus on making our restaurant successful, instead of managing technology.”

    “The support team is really good about asking more probing questions to get to the root of the problem.”

Spiro Kartsonis
Brooklyn’s Grandma Pizza

“TouchBistro keeps on top of our busy line-ups and our clientele love how quickly and smoothly we’re able to fulfill their requests!”

“TouchBistro provides us an easy POS system that is user-friendly, while also being technologically ahead with unparalleled customer service!”

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