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What’s New in TouchBistro 8.1


Chapter 1. Introduction

TouchBistro has changed the Order screen, by improving the organization of orders and adding a search option.

TouchBistro has added new integrations. TouchBistro now integrates with the Cayan Genius Mini device (US) and with the iWL220 for Chase Paymentech (Canada). As well, TouchBistro integrates with Avero’s Slingshot modules.

Consult these release notes for full details on these changes along with other significant improvements.

Chapter 2. Update to iOS12 Before Updating TouchBistro to 8.1

Before updating to 8.1 we recommend updating your iPads to iOS12.

Tap your Settings icon.

Tap General | Software Update.

Tap Download and Install.

Chapter 3. Updated Terms and Conditions

We’ve updated our Terms and Conditions screen to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When you update TouchBistro to a new version you will be required to accept both the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. You will not be able to tap Done until Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have been accepted.

To begin the affirmation process, open Terms of Service. Review the terms. Tap Accept. (The terms of service depicted in these release notes are for illustrative purposes only. See the TouchBistro app’s Terms of Service screen for complete and up-to-date terms.)

Repeat for Privacy Policy.

Both will now be checked and you can tap Done.

You can find a copy of the privacy policy and the terms of service on our web site. We strongly advise you to review each:

Chapter 4. Order Screens

We’ve added additional improvements to our Order screens, building on changes started with version 8.0.

Section 1. Improved Organization

Orders like takeout, delivery, and bar tabs can start to become overwhelming during rush periods. To help manage and expedite such orders, we’ve improved the layout of the Order screens and added quick search functionality.

Section 2. Layout Changes

Takeout and Delivery orders are now better separated by high-contrast headers. As well, the number of unpaid Takeout and Delivery orders are highlighted.

In previous versions, orders were identified by the date and time the order was open. We’ve changed this to show the elapsed time since the order was started. This helps you more quickly spot overdue orders and orders that need priority attention.

Section 3. Bill Preview

If you want to see items ordered and customer information, you can now click on an order and view this information via the new bill preview window. In previous versions you needed to open an order to see the details and then edit order info to see customer information like phone number and address.

You can use the new search field at the top to search orders by provided customer information or bill total. The search uses a fast pattern-matching process.

For example, if you want to quickly find an order based on customer phone number, start entering digits in the phone number. The Order screen will quickly filter on orders that match digits as you enter them.

In the example above, we’re searching for orders with “43” in the phone number. After entering 43, the search function pattern matches on the 43 in two takeout order phone numbers. As well, the search query pattern matches on the 43 in the delivery order’s $43.95 order total.

In this example, we’re searching for any order with the name “Cathy”.

We can further filter results by adding a more specific search parameter (for example “cathy lee” vs “cathy”).

Section 5. Editing the Order

Previously if you wanted to open the order’s Order screen, you would tap on the order. Tapping on an order, as noted, now provides you with a preview of the order and customer information.

To open the order to add additional items, void items, add discounts, or close the order with a payment, tap on the order and tap Edit Order.

If your iPad is running iOS11 and above, you can also right swipe fully on the order to access the Checkout screen.

Section 6. Printing a Guest Check

You can now quickly print a guest check for an order by tapping the order and then tapping the Printer button.

On the Closed Bills screen, you can tap the Reprint button to quickly issue a copy of the closed guest check.

Section 7. Options

To access Order options like Change Waiter, Transfer to Table, Merge Takeout, Edit Info, and Delete Order, you now tap the More button. The Information icon has been removed.

Similarly, on the Closed Bills screen, you can now access Refund Sale, Reorder, Edit Payments, and other options by tapping the More button.

You can also display the options menu by tapping on the bill preview.

Chapter 5. Chase Paymentech iWL220 Support (Canada)

In 8.1, we’ve added support for Chase Paymentech’s wireless tableside iWL220 payment terminal.

This device is only available for use with Pro server (i.e., multi-iPad) setups. You cannot use the iWL220 with a single iPad solution.

Chapter 6. Cayan

Section 1. Genius Mini (US)

TouchBistro now supports the Genius Mini device. TouchBistro works in conjunction with the Genius Mini payment app on your iPad.

You can use either the Bluetooth or the audio jack version of the Genius Mini. If you are using the audio jack version, you may be prompted by your iPad to allow the device to access your microphone. Allow this access.

Before setting up the Mini device, launch your App store, search for “Genius Mini” and install the app. Repeat this on all iPads you wish to use with the Genius Mini device. Do not use the iPad’s Bluetooth screen to connect to the device. Use the Genius Mini app to pair.

Note: Tipping is set by Cayan. If the Genius Mini app does not prompt for a tip, please contact your Cayan representative and ask to have tipping enabled.

You can enable the use of the Genius Mini under the Cayan Setup screen (Admin | Admin Settings | Payment Gateways).

The Card Swiper option will default to enabled. If you’ve stopped using swipers, disable this setting.

Section 2. Disable Customer/Merchant Copy Print

If you prefer to not print the Merchant and Customer copies of the credit card receipt, Cayan now allows you to turn this off on the Cayan Setup screen.

Scroll down and disable Print a merchant and customer receipt. You will still have the option to print the guest check, which includes the credit card authorization number (needed to process a refund).

If a customer wants a copy of their credit card slip, you can use the Reprint Slip option available from the closed bill (Orders | Closed Bills | View Edit Payments | Payment Info).

Section 3. Zero Auth

The Genius Mini device supports Zero Auth (swipe or dip). If you are using Zero Auth and a mixture of Minis and swipers, TouchBistro will prompt you select which device you want to use to start your bar tab.

Chapter 7. Vantiv is Now WorldPay

We’ve updated the Payment Gateways screen and other payment integration screens to reflect Vantiv is now WorldPay.

Chapter 8. Avero

TouchBistro now integrates with Avero. Avero is restaurant and hospitality software that allows single or multi-location reporting on sales, labor, and productivity.

If you have an Avero account, you can enable the integration on your cloud portal site. Click Partners and then click Avero. Click Enable.

Chapter 9. Kiosk

The Kiosk app is available now in Canada and the UK (pay at counter only).

Section 1. Kiosk Canada

TouchBistro now supports the Kiosk app in Canada. Kiosk Canada integrates with the Moneris iPP320 and Star TSP100II/III Ethernet thermal printers.

Section 2. Counter Payments

Kiosk (US/Canada/UK) now supports counter payments. Customers have the option not to use the iPP350 (USA) or iPP320 (Canada) but instead pay at the counter for their order.

US users should go to the App store and update their current version of Kiosk to version 1.2.0.

1) Kiosk in the Order Screen

Kiosk orders requiring counter payments appear in the Takeout order screen with a teal bar along the side to help highlight walk ups who have ordered with Kiosk. Kiosk is used in place of a server’s name.

Section 3. Kitchen Display System

Kiosk can now send tickets to the KDS. You do not need to update to a special version of the KDS but you should be running the most current version (1.2).

Orders will appear in the KDS with Kiosk as the server name.

On the TouchBistro app’s Kiosk setup screen, we’ve added an option that allows you to select certain menu items (e.g., alcoholic beverages) to require manager approval before final sale.

Tap Choose Items in the Menu Items Requiring Validation area and select menu items that require manager approval before sale. If the customer adds a restricted item to his or her order, he or she will have to pay for the full order at the counter.

Chapter 10. 7shifts

TouchBistro can now upload employee clock in/clock out data to 7shifts. For example, if Alicia clocks in to TouchBistro at noon and clocks out of TouchBistro at 9 pm, 7shifts will record 9 hours of labor. If you have 7shifts set to automatically calculate breaks, 7shifts will properly factor breaks into TouchBistro labor data.

To enable labor data integration, access Profile | Company settings | Add-ons | Third Party. Click your venue’s Edit icon and enable Actual Labor. 7shifts will use your staff profile First Name/Last Name fields to match TouchBistro staff to configured 7shift employees. If it can’t make perfect matches, you will have to manually resolve unmatched employees.

Chapter 11. Table Name Displays When Choosing a Party Size

When starting a table, you are prompted to select the number of seats and enter an optional party name. This dialog box now displays the table name.

Chapter 12. Cloud Portal

We’ve changed the look and feel of the cloud port site, giving it a cleaner look.

Section 1. Changing Languages

The cloud portal site is now available in Spanish. To change languages, click the language tab at the bottom of the screen. Select your desired language.

Section 2. Multiple Device Logins

In previous version, we allowed you to log in from one device only. If you tried to log in from a second device, cloud would log you out from the previous device. Cloud now allows you to be logged into your account from up to three devices.

Section 3. Referrals

We’ve removed the referral option from the cloud portal. To refer a friend to TouchBistro and potentially collect a $400 referral bonus, visit: