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What’s New in TouchBistro 8.0


Chapter 1. Introduction

TouchBistro has added Remote Menu Management for new customers. When enabled, you can create and edit your menu and various aspects related to your menu from your Cloud portal. You can also create new menu items in a spreadsheet and then bulk upload them. TouchBistro screens have been updated with a new look and feel. We still have the same functionality, but with a fresh look to keep us looking sharp. Version 8.0 now supports the USB version of the TSP100III thermal printer.

Consult these release notes for full details on these changes along with other significant improvements.

Chapter 2. New Look

TouchBistro 8.0 has made a number of cosmetic changes. Below are some of the more salient changes.

Section 1. App Icon

The App Icon is now rendered in the new logo color.

Section 2. Passcode Screen

The passcode screen has been refreshed. Functionality remains the same, however.

Section 3. Closing an Order

The dialog box for closing an order has a new, cleaner look. The Continue Without Closing Table option has been made less prominent.

Section 4. Orders

The Order screen’s tabs and the Add icon have been moved to the top of the screen. The Order screen is now a full-screen dialog box.

Section 5. Order Screen

The Coursing, Multi-Select Editing, Send All, and Checkout icons have been changed. Checkout is now text, regardless of your iPad’s orientation.

Chapter 3. Remote Menu Management

TouchBistro is now offering Remote Menu Management to new customers. Remote Menu Management allows you to create and edit your menu on your cloud portal instead of the iPad. You can also create new menu items in a spreadsheet and then bulk upload them.

If you are a current customer and are planning on redoing your entire menu, contact support to evaluate if Remote Menu Management can be turned on for your venue.

Chapter 4. TSP100III USB Printer Support

TouchBistro now supports the Star TSP100III (TSP143IIIU) USB-based printer. It’s been added to the list of supported printers on the Printer setup screen. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the list to see it.

First select the Star Micronics Lightning (USB) Thermal (TSP143IIIU) option. Using a standard iPad lightning cable, you can plug your iPad directly into the TSP143IIIU’s 5V USB port.

If you have a multi iPad setup, only the iPad plugged into the TSP143IIIU will be able to use the printer. Your other iPads on your TouchBistro network will not be able to send print jobs to this printer.


1.   TouchBistro does not support the USB B port as a connection type.

2.   TouchBistro only supports USB connections to the TSP143IIIU model. You cannot use your lightning cable to print directly to your LAN-based TSP100III (143IIIL) or a Bluetooth TSP100III.

3.   You cannot use this printer if your iPad needs to be connected to an iDynamo swiper.

4.   Ensure Safe Printing is enabled under Advanced.

5.   TouchBistro is not compatible with the TSP113U model. Ensure you are ordering the TSP143IIIU model.

Chapter 5. Cloud

Section 1. Login Security

The cloud portal now allows only one device to be logged in. If the cloud detects a login for the account from a new device, the previous device will be logged out. For example, if you are logged into your cloud account from your Mac computer and a manager with the login credentials logs in from his/her iPad, you will be automatically logged out.

If you need another employee (say, a manager) to look at a cloud report simultaneously, use the CSV download option to forward the other employee the CSV version of the report.

Section 2. Time Zone Setting

We’ve added a time zone setting on your cloud portal’s Settings page. If you are using any of the Partner integrations, you should set it for your current time zone. If not, this setting is optional.