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Varying Menu Hide Times


You can use the Hide function to hide a Menu Category over a given time frame. For example, you have a lunch special category that’s on from Monday – Friday, 11 am to 2 pm. It is, however, not available during the weekend. However, some menu categories you may want to hide all 7 days a week but you don’t always want the menu hidden at the same time depending on the day. A breakfast menu is a good example. Monday – Friday you may want the breakfast menu hidden from 11 am until close. However, Saturday and Sunday, you want offer breakfast until 12:30 pm and then hide it after 12:30 until the close of day.

This tutorial will walk you through how to hide a menu item at different times depending on the day of the week.

Chapter 1. Step 1 – Set Up the Default Hide Times Using the Category Hide Option

1. Log in as Admin.

2. Tap Admin | Admin Settings in the top right hand corner.

3. From the Admin Setting screen, tap Menu and then Menu Categories.

4. Tap on the menu category you want to set a hide time. For example, tap your breakfast category.

5. Enable Hide and tap Set Schedule.

6. Tap the days you generally want to hide this menu item. So in the case of your breakfast category, tap Monday – Friday. However, since Sunday and Saturday you want different hide times, do not tap those.

7. Use the Start Time and End Time date/time wheels to set the block of time this menu category should be unavailable. For example, Monday – Friday you might want to hide the breakfast category from 11:01 AM until you close at midnight.

8. Tap Edit Categories to return to the menu category screen.

9. Verify your time next to Set Schedule and then Done to return to the Menu screen.

Chapter 2. Step 2 – Use Promotions to Create Exceptions

1. From the Menu screen tap Promotional Pricing.

2. Tap the Add + icon to add a new promotion.

3. In the Name field, give your promotion a name that will help identify it. For example “Extended Breakfast Hours”.

4. Tap the weekend days you want to set extended breakfast hours. Use the date/time wheels to set when you want to hide the breakfast category during Saturday and Sunday. For example, hide the breakfast category just after 12:30 pm until close of business.

5. Tap outside the time dialog box to close it and return to the promo dialog box.

7. Enable Hide Item and tap Choose Items.

8. Tap the category across the top you want to hide then tap all the menu items in that category, ensuring there’s a checkmark next to each item.

9. Tap Done when done.

10. If everything looks right, tap Done to exist the promotion setup dialog box.

11. Now tap on the name of your promotion to activate it and ensure there’s a checkmark next to your promotion. If you do not checkmark this promotion, it won’t be active.

12. Tap Done.

Repeat both these major steps for any additional categories.