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Using TouchBistro to Help Protect Against Server Check Padding


Chapter 1. Introduction

Check padding involves a server sneaking an item or two onto a guest check, usually for a table with a large number of guests or a table where guests are ordering a large number of identical drinks. The goal is to simply increase the check size which will garner the server a larger percentage tip. The extra item is never actually sent to the kitchen or bar as, say, bar staff would catch on drinks are being sent to tables with no guests or guests who are obviously departing. The server also counts on guests not examining the bill very closely and not noticing, say, they’re being billed for 6 rum and Cokes when they ordered 5 rum and Cokes.

Padding could result in, say, an extra $1 tip per table for the server. In a busy venue, padding can add up for the server. A server might pocket an extra $20 or more in tips by padding.

Chapter 2. Example

1. Guests at table 7 are ready to check out. The server notices multiple seats have ordered rum and Coke. Some seats have ordered multiple.

2. The server adds a rum and Coke onto the order. The server does not send it as it will alert suspicion if a drink is being prepared for an empty table. The server simply proceeds to the checkout screen.

3. In an era of bills being totaled automatically on the POS, guests rarely take a hard look at the bill and pay for it without question.

4. The server realizes a tip about $1 more with the non-served drink.

Chapter 3. Preventing Bill Padding

Section 1. Security Setting

1. The easiest way to protect against bill padding is access Admin | Admin Settings | Security and tap Unsent Items Warning.

2. If it’s set to Ignore (No Security), tap it.

3. Select either Manager Required or Manager Required (Mark As Sent).

4. Once enabled, if the server tries to proceed to the checkout screen, or use one of the fast pay buttons, TouchBistro will prompt the server to get a manager approval. This helps prevents the server from padding a guest check with items that were not ordered.

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