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Use Mandatory Modifiers to Aid in Charity Promotions Reporting


Chapter 1. Introduction

Sometimes you may run a promotion where any time a customer orders certain menu items, your venue will make a donation to a given charity. For example, for the month of May any time a customer orders a dessert, 50 cents will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation. The question is, what would be the best way to run a report to determine how many of the menu items that qualify for the donation have been ordered?

You could run a Sales Item report, however it would be time consuming to identify the qualifying items.

You could also run a Sales by Category Report and if the donation applied to any item in a category (say, any dessert), you could use the Count to determine the donation required. However, if the donation only applies to some items in the category or it applies to items in different categories, this simple method would be unsuitable.

If it is the case where your matching donation only applies to certain menu items, a better way to do this is create a Mandatory Modifier and use the Modifier report.

Chapter 2. Creating a Mandatory Modifier

1. Login as an Admin and tap Admin | Admin Settings.

3. Tap Menu.

5. Tap Item Modifications.

6. Tap the Add icon to add a new modifier group.

7. Give it a name like Charities.

8. Tap the Add icon icon to add a new text item.

9. Enter the name of the donation. For example * Make-a-Wish 50 Cent Donation *. You might want to put some stars in the modifier name to help flag for the kitchen they should ignore this modifier. Or perhaps the modifier could indicate the orders should be plated with a thank you card, note, or flyer about the charity.

10. Enable Mandatory. When this is enabled, any item associated with this modifier group will automatically have the modifier added to the item. No server action is required.

11. Do not enter a price, as this will be charged to the customer. Leave Price as 0.

12. Tap Done.

13. Tap Icon and add an appropriate icon.

14. Tap Done.

15. Tap the Information icon associated with your Charities modifier and tap Assign to Menu Items.

16. Tap a Menu Category across the top and then tap all the menu items that should trigger this donation “flag”. For example, any dessert item over $5 will trigger the donation flag.

17. If your promotion includes items from other menu categories, likewise tap the Menu Category across the top and repeat these steps.

18. Tap Done.

19. Tap Cancel.

20. Tap Bill & Chit.

21. Tap Bills/Guest Checks.

22. If you would like this modifier appearing on the guest check, enable Print Zero Priced Modifiers. Note: if you enable this, all modifiers will appear on the guest check like cooking instructions and removals. This step is optional.

23. Finally, you may want to change your Thank You Message and include a note about the donation.

24. Tap Done.

Chapter 3. Ordering Example

In this example a party of three orders mains and desserts.

We can see the items over $5.00 we selected automatically trigger the donation modifier.

If this order is sent to the kitchen, the kitchen ticket appears as above.

Since we turned on Zero Priced Modifiers, the donation modifier appears on the bill, as well as the note about the charity promotion.

Chapter 4. Reporting

1. Tap Admin | Reports or Options | Reports if your staff type has access to Reports.

2. Select your business day or tap Cancel is you want to do the report for a date range (for example all of May).

3. Tap Menu and set your desired date range.

4. Tap Modifier Report then tap Generate.

5. The report helpfully gives you a count of all items ordered that requires a matching donation. Note: by putting a star in front of the modifier name, this will force the modifier to the top of any alphabetical list.