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Troubleshooting TouchBistro Digital Menu Board


Chapter 1. Why am I not seeing all five Menu Board layouts?

To see all 5 menu board layouts, you must include at least 5 Menu Categories in the Menu you’re using.

If the menu that you use with your menu board has fewer than 5 Menu Categories, then the 5-category layout will not be available. Similarly, if you have only two Menu Categories in your menu, then only the layouts with 1 and 2 categories will be available.

The below example features 5 menu categories, each indicated with a number from 1 through 5.

If we set up our menu in this manner, we should see the menu board display these categories like this.

If for example, we removed the fifth Menu Category from the Menu (Mains, in this case), then the above layout with 5 categories wouldn’t be available. You would have only the remaining 4 layouts to choose from. For example:

Chapter 2. Why is there empty space on my Menu Board?

In the above layout, the first Menu Category Drinks has only two Menu Items. Therefore, only two items are shown.

In this case, adding an additional 8 items to the Menu Category will fill the empty space in this layout, and others. Conversely, a category with 10 or more Menu Items could be given priority.

To rearrange Menu Items within the Menu Category, tap Edit, then use the handles on the right of the Menu Item to drag it up or down to manually sort them. Items higher up on the list will be given Menu Board priority. Tap Done when complete.