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Setting Up and Using PayPal


Chapter 1. Introductions

This document will guide you through setting up TouchBistro to accept PayPal payments through PayPal’s card processing service. It also documents how to accept PayPal payments both tableside and at a counter.

Section 1. Unsupported

TouchBistro does not support PayPal’s Chip and Tap bundle device.

PayPal no longer supports the iDynamo/uDynamo swipers.

Chapter 2. Setting up the PayPal Bluetooth Card Readers

If you’re not using the Bluetooth card reader, you can ignore this section.

1.  On your iPad, tap Settings.

2.  Tap Bluetooth.

3.  If Bluetooth is not enabled, slide Bluetooth to the green position.

4.  On your PayPal device, power it on. You’ll find the power switch on the back. Hold it down briefly until the front LCD screen lights up.

5.  You will see a “please wait” message on power up. It will take a few minutes for the device to power up.

6.  When you see the Bluetooth symbol in the top right of the LCD screen and the battery level indicator, you are ready to pair the device with your iPad. Press and hold the Bluetooth button.

7.  On your iPad, the PayPal device will soon be found. If for some reason your iPad does not discover it, disable and then re-enable Bluetooth on your iPad. When found, tap it.

Chapter 3. Setting Up TouchBistro to Use PayPal Card Processing

1. Tap PayPal Card Processing. Ensure there’s a checkmark in the PayPal Card Processing row.

2. Tap Get Started. TouchBistro will launch your iPad’s Safari browser so you can enter your PayPal credentials.

3. Log into PayPal with your account and follow the onscreen prompts. You will be returned to TouchBistro after logging in.

4. You will be returned to TouchBistro. Ensure your account status is Ready and Approved.

5. Tap the back option.

6. Tap Options.

7. Complete the following options:



Enable Tipping With PayPal Card Processing

If enabled, the customer will be prompted to tip. Turn off if tipping is not customary at your venue. This option enables or disables tips for both swipers and the EMV card reader.

Enable Percentage on Reader Tips

If enabled, the EMV card reader will prompt for a percentage tip. If disabled the EMV reader will prompt for a dollar tip amount.

Enable Keyed Entry with PayPal Card Processing

If enabled, you can manually enter credit card information on the checkout screen. This option is for swipers only.

Require Signature for Amounts Over

If you wish to accept payments without a signature for amounts less than $50, enter the amount. Review your agreement as to what effects this may have on charge backs.

8. Tap Save. If you receive an error, tap Refresh PayPal Permissions renew your security token.

Chapter 4. Accepting PayPal Credit Card Payments

Section 1. Accepting Payments Tableside with PayPal EMV

1.  If the PayPal EMV PINpad says Open the app on your phone or tablet, ensure TouchBistro is open on your iPad screen.

2.  Ensure the PayPal EMV PINpad says Ready to accept payments.

3.  From the Checkout screen, tap Payment Terminal.

4.  Tap Pay in Full. If the customer wants to make a partial payment, you can enter a lesser amount. Do not add over the full amount.

5.  When you see the Waiting screen on TouchBistro, pass the PayPal EMV PINpad to the customer.

6.  If PayPal is setup to accept a tip (this was set up above at step 8), have the customer press the Accept button to add a tip.

7.  Have the customer use the key pad to enter a tip and then press the Yes button. See the set up section above (step 8) for how to set this to be either a percentage tip or a dollar amount tip.

8.  The customer is now prompted to tap, insert, or swipe a payment card. Have the customer double check the amount on the PayPal EMV PINpad and tap, insert, or swipe his/her payment card.

Note: If the PayPal EMV PINpad says “Present card again” after a swipe, check to see if the card has a chip. If the card has a chip, you must use the chip reader to process the card.

9.  If the value requires a signature (this was set up above at step 8), TouchBistro will prompt the customer to sign on the iPad screen. Pass the iPad to the customer. Again, prompt the customer to double check the amount charged. The customer can sign with his/her finger. Tap the X button to reset the signature screen. Tap Done to accept.

10. The PayPal EMV PINpad prompts the customer to remove his/her card.

11. After the card is removed, take back the iPad. TouchBistro prompt you with receipt options. Offer the customer the following receipt options:




Tap if the customer would like the receipt emailed. Tap the email icon to edit the email.


You will be prompted to enter a phone number to text the receipt to.

Print Receipt

Print Receipt will generate a customer and a merchant copy.

No receipt

Do not create any kind of credit card receipt.

12. TouchBistro now prompts you to close the table. If the customer needs a receipt with a tax number, use one of the receipt option. Alternatively, tap Close Table.

Section 2. Accepting Payments Tableside with Swipers

1. From the Checkout screen, tap Credit Card.

2. You will be prompted to swipe the card.

3. Tap Pay in Full. Do not include tip. Alternatively, if the customer only wishes to pay a portion of the full amount, enter the amount the customer wishes to charge to the card and tap Charge. See Closing the Table for how to handle a bill that requires multiple payments.

4. If you set up tipping, you will be prompted to pass the iPad to the customer. Tap Continue.

5. TouchBistro will present the customer with tipping options. Instruct the customer to select or enter a tip and tap Done when ready.

6. If signature required was enabled for the dollar amount, TouchBistro will present the customer with a sign on screen box. Instruct the customer to sign with the tip of their finger or an iPad-compatible stylus in the white box.

7. Tap Done to process the checkout.

Note: tips left on credit cards are assigned to the owner of the table. If another staff member clocks in and processes the payment, the tip will be assigned to the table owner, not the clocked-in staff member who takes the payment. For example, Sally opens and serves the table. During her break James clocks in and the table asks to pay. James processes the payment. The tip left on the credit card will be assigned to Sally.

Section 3. Closing the Table

1. After the bill has been paid in full, TouchBistro will prompt you to close the table.

2. Tap one of the receipt options.

3. If the patrons wish to linger after paying and may purchase more, tap Continue Without Closing Table.

4. If the bill was not paid in full, you will be returned to the Checkout screen. You will see the amount remaining. Additional payments can be made using the options under Payment Options.

Cases Where a Customer Might Use Multiple Payment Methods

Although it may not seem obvious why a customer wouldn’t pay the full bill with the offered card, there are common scenarios:

• The customer is using a gift card with a balance that won’t cover the full amount.

• The customer believes he/she is near his/her credit limit and can only put part of the bill on the offered card.

• The customer is using a debit card and the funds remaining in the account don’t cover the full bill.

Section 4. Split by Seating

If the customers each want to pay a portion of the bill, do not use the multiple payment method. Use Split by Seating.

Tap Split by Seating on the Checkout screen and tap the seat sub-bills at the bottom of the Checkout screen to arrange by-seat payments.

Chapter 5. Testing Your Setup

1.  Scroll to the bottom of your payment setup page.

2.  Tap Test Payment Gateway.

3.  Tap Untested next to each feature you support and follow the on-screen prompts.

Chapter 6. Processing a Refund

1.  Login as an Admin or a manager staff type with payment processor rights. Tap Orders.

2.  Tap the All Closed Bills tab.

3.  Tap the Information  icon associated with bill you need to refund.

4.  Tap View/Edit Payments.

5.  Tap the payment’s associated Information  icon.

6.  Tap Perform Full Credit Card Refund if you wish to refund the entire amount or tap Perform Partial Credit Card Refund if you wish to refund only a portion.

7.  Tap Refund without card or Refund with card.

8.  Follow the prompts on TouchBistro. If you selected Refund with card, follow as well the prompts on the PayPal EMV PINpad.

9.  Select a receipt option.

Section 1. Creating a Return Invoice and Balancing your Sales

Although you’ve voided or refunded the payment, TouchBistro does not delete the actual bill. You need to balance a voided/refunded bill with a bill indicating a sale return. So tap the Information  icon associated with the bill you voided/refunded and tap Return Sale.

1.  After tapping Return Sale, TouchBistro creates the returned sale invoice under My Bar Tabs. So tap that.

2  The return sale invoice is automatically named after the bill number of the voided or returned bill. In this example, created a Return Sale invoice for bill 9242. To look for the tab named 9242 Return Sale. Tap it to open it.

3.  When you open the return sale invoice, you will notice all items in the voided bill are negative quantities. As well TouchBistro correctly calculates the returned tax. Tap the Checkout  icon to close out this return invoice.

4.  Tap the Non-Integrated Credit Refund option.

5. Tap the card type that was refunded (for example MasterCard).

6. Tap Full Refund.

7. Close the sales return invoice.

8. Your end of day will properly reflect the original bill and the matching void/return. In the example pictured above, we’ll assume we’ve only performed a single transaction for the day. An order for $39.52 which was then voided and matched with a $39.52 return.

Chapter 7. Updating the PayPal EMV PINpad

If your PayPal EMV PINpad indicates you need to update your hardware, do the following:

1.  Access Admin | Admin Settings | Payment Gateways.

2.  Tap the PayPal Setup link.

3.  Tap Update EMV.

4.  Follow the on-screen prompts. Do not turn off your iPad or the PayPal EMV PINpad.