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Setting Up Your Epson Printer


Chapter 1. Using Epson’s Setup Utility

Before you set up your Epson printer (thermal or impact) in TouchBistro, you need to use the Epson-provided Setup Utility to configure your printer’s IP address. In the example below, we’re setting up a thermal printer. The steps are the same for setting up an impact printer.

1.  Plug in your printer’s power cord. Do not turn it on yet. Make sure it is loaded with paper.

2.  Plug your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your printer.

3.  Plug it into your Airport. Plug it into the port with double arrows. Do not plug it into the WAN port. That port can be used to connect to your Internet Router.

4.  Plug your Internet connected modem into the WAN port of your Airport router.

5.  Ensure you have a live Internet connection.

6.  Turn on your printer.

epsonsetupimage001 Setting Up Your Epson Printer

7.  With either a Windows computer or Mac computer, visit the Epson page and download the Setup Utility. You will need either a Windows computer or a Mac computer to run the utility. Download the utility and install it on your computer. If you are setting up an impact printer, you can use the thermal printer Mac OS Setup Utility to set up the impact printer.

8.  Ensure the computer you’re running the setup utility on is connected to the same network the Airport is plugged into.

9.  Launch the Epson Setup Utility.

epsonsetupimage002 Setting Up Your Epson Printer

10. In about a minute or two the utility will detect your printer.

11. Double click on the found printer.

epsonsetupimage003 Setting Up Your Epson Printer

12. Click TCP/IP | Basic.

13. Ensure Subnet Mask is set to and Default Gateway is set to

14. In the IP Address field on the Epson Setup Utility, enter an IP address to reserve for this printer. Enter Where X is greater than 0 (that is .200) and less than 40 (that is .240). So enter an IP like,,, etc. Ensure no other printer uses this IP address. In this example, we’ll pretend there’s already a printer configured for (a receipt printer) and we adding a second Epson printer to print receipts on your patio. So, we’re giving it the IP Address so it doesn’t conflict the original receipt printer we set up previously.

15. Note down the IP entered in IP Address.

16. Click Transmit.

Chapter 2. Setting Up Your Epson Printer in TouchBistro

After you’ve set the IP addresses, you can now configure TouchBistro to work with your thermal or impact printer. In the example below, we’re setting up a thermal printer. The steps are the same for setting up an impact printer.

1. Launch TouchBistro.

2. Login as an administrator.

3. Launch TouchBistro, select your restaurant, and login with your admin code.

4. Tap Admin | Admin Settings in the top right hand corner.

5. Tap Printers & KDS.

6. Tap one of the default printers under Printers or tap Add + in the top right to add a new printer. In this example, we’ll add a new printer.

7. Tap Add Printer.

8. In the Printer Name field, give you printer a name. For example, if you’re adding an Epson thermal printer to print receipts on your patio, you could give it the name Patio Receipt. If you are adding impact printer for your kitchen you could give it the name Kitchen Printer.

9. In the Printer IP field, enter the value you entered into the Setup Utility’s IP Address field (for example, if you entered then re-enter it on the TouchBistro screen).

10. Scroll at the bottom and locate appropriate Epson printer selection. If you’re setting up an Epson thermal printer tap Epson Thermal. If you’re setting up an Epson impact printer (typically used for the kitchen), tap Epson Impact. Ensure there’s a checkmark epsonsetupimage011 Setting Up Your Epson Printernext to the printer.

11. Tap Print Test Page and ensure you get a successful test print.

12. Tap Done.

13. This printer will now be available under Menu Categories and Menu Items as a possible target printer for printing tickets/chits.

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