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Setting Up the Worldpay Ingenico iCMP


Chapter 1. Introduction

The Worldpay iCMP is a Bluetooth card reader. The device supports a one-to-one pairing with an iPad.

Chapter 2. Setting Up the Hardware

Section 1. Charging

Before you begin, you may need to charge your device.

1. Plug a Micro USB cable into the USB port. And plug the other USB port into a USB port that supplies power. Do not try to charge this device using your supported router‘s USB port. The router’s USB port does not supply adequate power.

2. You may need to let your Worldpay iCMP device charge for about 10 minutes before it has enough power to turn on.

3. After giving the device sufficient time to charge, press and hold the power button until the device powers on.

Chapter 3. Pairing Your iPad with Your Worldpay iCMP Device

Section 1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad

1. On your iPad, tap Settings.

2. Tap Bluetooth.

3. If Bluetooth is not enabled, slide Bluetooth to the green position.

Section 2. Ensure the Worldpay iCMP Device is Set for Bluetooth

1. After powering on the device, press and hold the yellow Clear button and the # key at the same time. Hold them down until the device reboots.

2. When you see the Copyright screen, press 2, 6, 3, 4, and then the green Enter button.

3. Press the F key.

4. Press 3 to select TDA.

5. Press 0 to select Configuration.

6. Press 0 to select Communication.

7. Press 0 to select Select Comm. Type.

8. Verify Bluetooth is selected.

9. If Bluetooth is selected, press and hold Clear and # at the same time until the iCMP reboots. See Paring below.

10. If Bluetooth is not selected, press 2 for Bluetooth.

11. Press the red Cancel button 3 times.

12. When prompted press save and reboot, press 1 for Yes.

13. When the device had rebooted to the pairing section below.

Section 3. Pairing with your iPad

1. Your Worldpay iCMP device should be, by default, unpaired. If it’s unpaired, upon rebooting it will display the BT Pairing Required screen. Press the F1 button.

2. Use the F2 and F3 keys to find your Bluetooth enabled iPad and press the Enter key.

3. On your iPad’s Bluetooth screen, look for the iCM122 device and tap it.

4. Your iPad will prompt you for a PIN. Your Worldpay iCMP device will display the PIN. Enter the displayed PIN and then tap Pair.

Chapter 4. Unpairing

If you ever need to unpair your Worldpay iCMP device (because you need to pair it with another iPad) do the following:

1. On your iPad access your Bluetooth screen and tap the Information icon associated with the iCMP device.

2. Tap Forget this Device.

3. On the Worldpay iCMP device, from the This Lane Closed screen, tap the F button four times.

4. Your Worldpay iCMP device will display the BT Pairing Required screen. Press F1 and repeat the pairing steps above to pair with your new iPad.

Chapter 5. Setting Up the Worldpay iCMP Device in TouchBistro

1. Log in as an admin and tap Admin | Admin Settings | Payment Gateways.

2. Tap Worldpay triPOS to enable it and tap Setup.

3. Complete the ID and Account Token fields. Refer to your Worldpay welcome letter for these codes.

4. Tap Manage Terminals.

5. Tap the Add button.

6. In the Name field give this a descriptive name. For example, if you have multiple Worldpay iCMP devices, call the first Worldpay iCMP device you’re paring Mobile 1.

7. Your Worldpay welcome letter will have the Terminal ID to enter. If not enter 001. Use 001 for all terminals.

8. Tap Device Type and select iCMP Bluetooth Terminal.

9. If this is the first Worldpay iCMP device you’re setting up, leave Lane set for 1. Increment this by 1 for each follow-on device you set up.

10. Tap Done when you’re done.

11. Tap your terminal’s name (for example Mobile 1) to checkmark it. This selects it as the default terminal.

12. Tap Done

Section 1. Enabling Tips

1. On the Payment Gateways screen, tap the Option link associated with Worldpay triPOS.

2. If you would like the Worldpay iCMP device to prompt only for a user-entered dollar amount tip, enable just Enable Tipping on Terminal. If you would like the Worldpay iCMP device to prompt for dollar amounts using your Bill / Guest check’s Tip Guide dollar amounts, enable Show Tip Guide on Terminal.

3. Tap Done to have your settings.

4. If you’ve not set up your tip guide on your guest check or you would like to change/review the percentage suggestions, tap Bill & Chit and then Bills / Guest Checks.

5. Review your percentage suggestions and edit them as necessary.

6. The Worldpay iCMP device will suggest all tips post-tax, so to ensure your printed guest check and the on-screen tip suggestion match, tap Tip Guide and select Post-Tax.

7. Tap Done when you’ve completed your changes.


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