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Setting Up and Using SmoothPay


Chapter 1. Introduction

Smoothpay is a Toronto-based mobile loyalty and payment app (for iPhone and Android). Customers earn Smoothpay reward points as they use the app to make purchases at participating venues.

Chapter 2. Before You Begin

Section 1. Ensure TouchBistro Has Access to the iPad Camera

Before you open TouchBistro, ensure TouchBistro has permission to access your iPad camera.

From your Home screen, find and tap Settings.

Scroll the left side to the bottom. Locate and tap the TouchBistro POS icon. If Camera is not enable, enable it. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap your Home button to return to your home screen and open TouchBistro.

Section 2. Ensure Venue is Connected to the Internet

You will need to be connected to the Internet to use SmoothPay. To check if your iPads are connected to the Internet, access Admin | Admin Settings.

On the initial TouchBistro screen, there should be a Yes next to iPad Connected to Internet. If this is no, ensure your Internet is up and running. If your venue was never set up for external Internet access, you will need to acquire Internet access and plug your supported router into your Internet modem.

If you are using an Apple AirPort router, see here for more information. If you are using a Ubiquiti AmpliFi router, see here.

Chapter 3. Setting Up SmoothPay in TouchBistro

Before you begin, have your merchant Username and Password provided by SmoothPay ready.

1. Login as the Admin.

2. Access Admin | Admin Settings and tap Payment Gateways.

3. Tap SmoothPay to enable it (ensure there’s a checkmark next to it).

4. Tap SmoothPay’s associated Setup option.

5. Enter your Username and Password (provided by SmoothPay).

6. Tap Done when you’ve entered them.

7. Tap Advanced and scroll to the bottom of the Advanced screen.

8. Tap Change Register Buttons.

9. Tap one of the register buttons to change out for the SmoothPay fast pay button. For example, tap Smart 3. Then tap SmoothPay.

10. Verify the SmoothPay button has been swapped in and tap Done to save your new register button layout. It’s very important you tap Done or else your changes will not take effect.

Chapter 4. Using SmoothPay from the POS

1. Open your POS and add the customer order.

2. If the customer wants to pay with SmoothPay, tap the SmoothPay fast pay button. If you don’t see it here, work through steps 7-10 above.

3. TouchBistro will prompt you to scan the customer’s QR code on his/her mobile device. Use either the front or back camera on your iPad.

4. After TouchBistro scans the QR code, tap Pay in Full.

5. Pick a receipt option and close the order.

Chapter 5. Using SmoothPay Table-Side

If a customer requests to pay with SmoothPay at table side, steps are similar to those above with the following differences:

1. From the Order screen tap Checkout.

2. Tap SmoothPay.

3. Scan the QR code, tap Pay in Full, and close the table.

Chapter 6. SmoothPay Help

For general help with the SmoothPay app itself, please consult SmoothPay’s help site.