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Setting Up and Using RBC Caribbean


Chapter 1. For Administrators and Servers

This document will guide you through setting up and using the RBC Caribbean payment processor solution.

Chapter 2. Configuring RBC Caribbean in TouchBistro

1. Open your restaurant on TouchBistro.

2. Log in as Admin.

3. Tap Admin | Admin Settings in the top right hand corner.

4. Tap Payment Gateways under Settings.

5. Tap RBC Caribbean to enable it as your payment gateway. Ensure there’s a  checkmark in the RBC Caribbean cell row.

6. Tap Setup.

7. Enter your Merchant ID provided by RBC. If a Terminal ID was also provided, enter that.

8. Tap your region. For example, Barbados.

9. Tap Done to return to the Payment Terminals screen.

Chapter 3. Accepting Credit Card Payments

After you’ve set up your merchant details in the Admin section, you or your staff are now ready to start accepting card payments.

1. From your Register or Order screen, tap Checkout.

2. Tap the Information icon next to Credit Card.

3. Select either Sign On Screen or Sign On Slip.

4. Scan the card with the iPad camera or tap Enter Manual.

5. Enter the card expiry date and tap Done.

6. Tap Pay in Full. Do not include tip.

7. If you are using the sign-on screen option, pass the iPad to customer and tap Continue.

8. Have the customer enter a tip and instruct the customer to tap Done.

9. Prompt the customer to sign on the screen and tap Done.

Section 1. Closing the Table

1. After the bill has been paid in full, TouchBistro will prompt you to close the table.

2. Tap one of the receipt options.

3. If the patrons wish to linger after paying and may purchase more, tap Continue Without Closing Table.

4. If the bill was not paid in full, you will be returned to the Checkout screen. You will see the amount remaining. Additional payments can be made using the options under Payment Options.

1) Cases Where a Customer Might Use Multiple Payment Methods

Although it doesn’t seem readily obvious why a customer wouldn’t pay the full bill with the offered card, there are common scenarios:

•The customer is using a gift card with a balance that won’t cover the full amount.

•The customer believes he/she is near his/her credit limit and can only put part of the bill on the offered card.

•The customer is using a debit card and the funds remaining in the account don’t cover the full bill.

2) Split by Seating

If the customers each want to pay a portion of the bill, do not use the multiple payment method. Use Split by Seating.

1. Tap Split by Seating.

2. Seats are split into separate bills. Tap the seat/bill you wish to process with the offered card.

Section 2. Reconciling Tips Written on Receipts (Managers and Admins)

If the customer writes in a tip on the credit card receipt, a user with a manager or admin passcode needs to login and access the closed bill and enter the tip.

1. From the floor plan layout screen, tap Orders.

2. Tap the All Closed Bills tab.

3. Locate the bill with Tip Required. If you have a lot of closed bills, slide Only show if tip required to the green position to filter out bills not requiring tip reconciliation.

4. Tap the bill’s cell area.

5. Tap the listed payment’s cell area.

6. Enter the tip written on the receipt in the Tip field. Tap Done.

7. Verify you want to charge the credit card for the new amount and tap Yes.

8. You will see an approval message.

9. Repeat if the bill had multiple payments requiring the entry of tips.

Section 3. Credit Card Voids, Returns, or Reprints

If you need to void a credit card payment, perform a credit card return, or reprint a slip for signing, revisit the bill’s payment.

1. From the floor plan layout screen, tap Orders.

2. Tap the All Closed Bills tab. Tap the bill’s associated Information icon.

3. Tap View Payments.

4. Tap the Information icon associated with the payment.

5. Tap the function you wish to perform.

6. Tap Void Payment if you want to void a payment that is still in the current batch. A void will not appear on the customer’s credit card bill.

7. Tap Perform Credit Card Return to refund all or part of the payment to the customer’s credit card. The return will appear on the credit card bill and can be performed if you’ve submitted a batch.

8. If you are processing a return, enter the amount and tap Done.

9. Confirm you want to process the return and wait for the approval message.

Section 4. Reprint a Credit Card Slip

If you need to reprint a credit card slip, see this guide for complete details.