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TouchBistro is committed to responding to all support inquires. ​ For reporting inquiries or critical issues, please use the below form or email us at

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You can also reach us by phone at 888-342-0131 (Outside of North America 647-925-4154). If you are experiencing a longer than normal wait time, please use the form above or email us at and a representative will contact you.

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Setting Up TouchBistro Standard


Step 1 – Hardware Install

SETTING UP TOUCHBISTRO STANDARD TUTORIAL – Step by step guide for setting up your router, printers, and cash drawer.

HARDWARE SETUP VIDEOS – Step by step video for setting up your router, printers, and cash drawer.

Step 2 – Set Up Your Restaurant

ADMINISTRATOR’S USER GUIDE – The Administrator’s Guide gives you detailed information how to set up your restaurant (menu, floor plan, staff, and more).

SETTING UP YOUR RESTAURANT – Four video tutorials how to setup your restaurant (menu, floor plan, staff, and more).

Step 3 – Registering Your License

REGISTERING YOUR ACCOUNT – Once you’ve set up your restaurant, you’ll need to apply the license that was purchased from TouchBistro. You should have received an email from TouchBistro with your Username and Password. Locate that email and then follow the seven steps under “Registering with an Existing Account”.

Step 4 – Payment Gateway Setup

SETTING UP PAYMENT GATEWAYS – If you are using an integrated payment processor, locate your payment gateway of choice and follow the guide for setup instructions.

Making the Most Out of TouchBistro

BEST PRACTICES – Important guides for how to backup TouchBistro and secure your iPad.

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