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Setting Up your Star TSP650II with an HI01X Interface


Chapter 1. Introduction

The Star TSP650II now supports a dual USB/LAN interface card called the HI01X (sometimes referred to as HI X). TouchBistro does not support USB printers. However, TouchBistro will support a TSP650II with an HI01X Interface as long as it is connected to your router using the Ethernet LAN port.

An important limitation is you cannot use TouchBistro to set a static IP for a printer with the HI01 interface. You need to use the printer’s web interface. This guide will walk you through how to use the web interface to set the static IP.

Section 1. Available Ports



USB data port

This is not used by TouchBistro. This would be used for a POS that connects via a USB cable. TouchBistro only supports LAN/Ethernet connections.

USB port

The HI01 interface has two USB ports that supply power. These are not used for connectivity. They can be used to power and charge your iPad running TouchBistro and a USB-powered payment device (for example a Vantiv iCMP or a Cayan Genius Handheld Device).

Ethernet port

Plug in an Ethernet cable (Cat5/5e/6) into this port and connect it to your router or switch.

RJ12 Port

Plug your cashdrawer’s “to printer” RJ12 cable end into this port.


Plug your external power supply into this port.

Chapter 2. Setting Up

1.  Ensure the power switch is off. Plug your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port and plug in your external power supply.

2.  Plug the power cable into a power socket. Make sure the printer is switched off.

3.  Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into one of your routher’s available LAN ports (do not plug it into the bottom WAN port).

4.  Ensure the printer is loaded with paper.

Chapter 3. Get the IP Address

We first have to get the printer’s current IP address. To do this:

1.  Hold down the printer’s feed button and then power it on. Keep the feed button depressed until you hear your printer make a noise. Release the feed button.

2.  Your printer will print two papers. Ignore the first one. After the first one is printer the printer’s status lights will flash green and red for a few seconds.

3.  After a few seconds TouchBistro will print a second paper with the printer’s IP address at the bottom. You might want to push the Feed button to make these details more visible. You will need the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway details in a few moments. Save this paper.

Chapter 4. Configuring a Static IP

By default your printer is set for DHCP. That means each time the printer is powered on, the router will assign it a random IP address. This address can change if left in DHCP mode so we need to make it static. To do this:

1.  Using an iPad or computer connected to your TouchBistro Wi-Fi network, launch a web browser (like Safari or Chrome). It’s very important you verify your iPad or computer is connected to your TouchBistro Wi-Fi network.

2.  In the browser’s URL field, enter the printer’s IP address. Do no enter http://. Press Enter or Return.

3.  Click Login. (If nothing comes up, your iPad or computer is not connected to your TouchBistro Wi-Fi network.)

4.  Enter root for the Username and public for the Password.

5.  Click IP Parameters.

6.  By default your IP Paramters will be set for Dynamic. Click the Static radio button.

7.  In the IP Address field enter the desired static IP address. If this is the first printer you’re setting up for TouchBistro, give it the IP address Increase the last three numbers by one for each additional printer. For example, if you already have a receipt printer set up for and a kitchen printer set up for, set this printer for

8.  Enter for the Subnet Mask and for the Default Gateway (as per your print out).

9.  Click Submit.

10. Click Save.

11. Ensure Save > Configuration printing > Restart device is selected and click Execute.

12. After a few seconds, your printer will be reprogrammed with the static IP. Wait for the printer to restart.

13. When you see a solid green power light and no red error light, you’re ready to set up your printer in TouchBistro.

Chapter 5. Setting Up Your Printer in TouchBistro

1.  Launch TouchBistro and login as an Admin (passcode 1234 by default).

2.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

3.  Tap Printers & KDS.

4.  If you’re setting up a receipt printer, tap Receipt printer or tap the Add + icon at the top right to set up a new printer (for example a bar printer).

5.  In the Printer IP field, enter the IP you set as the static IP address.

6.  Give the printer a name like Receipt. Ensure Star Micronics Thermal (TSP113L / TSP143L / TSP650 II) is selected.

7.  Tap Print Test Page.

8.  The printer will generate a small test print out confirming the IP address.

9.  Tap Done to save this printer and its settings.