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Setting Up your Star TSP100 (TSP113/143/650II) Receipt Printer


Chapter 1. Setup Your Printer(s)

1. Load your printer with paper (don’t forget to close the lid after loading it with paper). Note: if you have both a thermal and an impact printer, make sure each is loaded with the PROPER paper. If you load paper intended for an impact printer into a thermal printer, the thermal printer will not print. Thermal printers need a special heat sensitive paper.

2. Plug in your printer’s power cord into the back of the printer and then into an electrical socket. Do not turn your printer on yet.

3. Plug the Ethernet cable provided with the printer into the Ethernet port on your printer.

4. Plug your Ethernet cable into your AirPort. Plug it into the port with double arrows. Do not plug it into the WAN port. That port is used to connect to your Internet modem.

5. Get your thermal printer’s current IP: Hold down the printer’s feed button and then power it on. Keep the feed button depressed until you hear your printer make a noise. Release the feed button. It prints two papers.

Note: If you’re using a TSP100III, wait until the blue ready light starts to flash and then release the feed button.

A close up of a receipt Description automatically generated

6. Ignore the first print out. The second print out has the printer’s IP address. Keep this paper handy. You will need it shortly.

Remember, always have sufficient and proper paper supplies in stock before you open for service.

Chapter 2. Set Up Your Printer in TouchBistro

1. Open TouchBistro.

2. Load the venue’s restaurant.

3. Log in as Admin.

4. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

5. Tap Printers & KDS.

6. Tap Add Printer to add a new printer.

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7. Enter a name for your printer if you’re creating a new printer, for example Receipt.

8. In the Printer IP field, enter the desired static IP, for example enter Note: If you add an additional printer later, increment the final portion of the IP address by 1 for the new printer. For example, if later you add a kitchen printer, enter for the kitchen printer. If you add a third printer, say a patio printer, It’s important to not duplicate an IP address or enter an IP address less than 201.

9. Tap Star Micronics Thermal (TSP113L / TSP143L / TSP650 II).

10. Tap Program Printer.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

11. The Desired Static IP field will be autocompleted with the IP you entered on the previous screen (e.g., In the Current IP field, enter the printer’s current IP from the Network Configuration printout.

12. Tap Begin Setup.

13. TouchBistro will program your printer with a new IP address.

14. Tap Close after successfully programming the IP.

15. Tap Print Test Page.

16. Tap Done.

Chapter 3. Troubleshooting

The TSP100III uses Ready and Error lights on the front of the printer to indicate various errors. This guide will provide a visual guide to diagnosing printer errors communicated via these status lights.

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