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Setting Up your Star Micronics Thermal Lightning TSP143IIIU Receipt Printer


Chapter 1. Limitations

This printer allows a direct connection between an iPad and the printer via a standard iPad lightning cable. If your iPad uses an iDynamo swiper, you won’t be able to use this model printer.

If you have a multi-iPad Pro system, other iPads connected to your Pro network will not be able to send print jobs to this printer.

The TSP100III Ethernet/LAN printer (TSP143L), the TSP100III Bluetooth printer (TSP143BI), and some versions of the TSP650II come with a USB port. These ports are only for supplying power to an iPad (or another USB-powered device). You cannot use the USB port on these models to create a direct connection.

TouchBistro is not compatible with the TSP113U model. Ensure you are ordering the TSP143IIIU model.

Chapter 2. Ensure Safe Printing Mode is Enabled

TouchBistro will only work with the TSP143IIIU if Safe Printing is enabled in TouchBistro. Depending on your version of TouchBistro, this may be disabled by default.

1.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings on the top right.

2.  Tap Advanced and ensure Enable Safe Printing is enabled.

Chapter 3. Connecting

1.  Ensure your printer is turned off but it is plugged into a power socket.

2.  Plug the lightning connector into your iPad and then plug the USB female connector into the leftmost USB port. This is a USB Type A port. The port to the right is a USB Type B port. It is not used by TouchBistro.

3.  Turn your printer on.

4.  Log into your venue as Admin.

5.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings on the top right.

6.  Tap Printers & KDS.

7.  Tap Add Printer to add a new printer.

8.  Enter a name for your printer if you’re creating a new printer, for example Receipt.

9.  Scroll to the bottom of the listed printers and tap Star Micronics Lightning (USB) Thermal (TSP143IIIU).

10.  Tap Print Test Page. Ensure a test print comes out.

11. Tap Done.

Chapter 4. Ports

USB Type A: Plug in the female end of your lightning cable. This port also helps charge your iPad.

USB Type B Port: This is not used by TouchBistro.

RJ12 Port: The TSP143IIIU can be used to open an automatic cash drawer. Plug the RJ12 cable’s “to printer” end into this port.

Power: Connect your power cable to this port.

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