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Serving Half Portions and Plating Split Orders


Chapter 1. Introduction

Your venue may offer half portions of menu items. For example, a half portion of a pasta dish.

You can create menu items for both full and half portions.

However, if you have a lengthy list of dishes that are available as half portions, creating extra menu items to account for the half portions can make your menu unnecessarily lengthy as well as more cumbersome to update. Instead of creating a matching half portion menu item for every full menu item, you may prefer to just create a general rule for half portion requests. For example, a half portion entrée is charged at 50% of the full portion menu price plus a $2 upcharge.

Chapter 2. Setting Up Half Portion Up Charges

The first thing you want to do is set up a menu item that represents the general up charge.

1. So, under your Mains menu category create a menu item like “Half Portion Up Charge – Main”. Enter the up charge.

2. In this example, we’re charging an extra $2. You don’t want this item to print in the kitchen ticket, as it exists solely on the menu to add the up charge. We’ll see shortly how the kitchen is alerted it needs to prepare a half portion. So tap the printer option.

3. Enable Do Not Print This Item.

4. Repeat these steps for other categories. For example, you might offer half app portions priced at 50% of the full price plus $1.

Chapter 3. Creating the Order

1. Add the full menu item to the order screen.

2. Tap the item and tap Quantity.

3. Enter a .5 to represent the half portion. That is, tap the . button and then 5.

4. Tap Set Quantity.

5. The menu item set as .5 is now priced accordingly. Tap the half portion up charge item you created.

6. Tap the Send icon to send this half portion to the kitchen.

7. If we examine the kitchen ticket, we can see it properly indicates a 0.5 or half portion needs to be prepared. Since we previously set up the Half Portion Up Charge item to not print to the kitchen printer, it does not appear on the kitchen ticket.

Section 1. Voiding

If you need to void the order, make sure you void both the up charge item and the half order itself.

Like the original kitchen ticket, the void will likewise indicate this was a half order item.

Chapter 4. Cloud Reporting

We can see on the cloud report, any reports that show item quantity figures, they will indicate these half orders. However, you should note the cloud would report two .50 pasta and clams orders as 1 full order of pasta and clams. The quantity figure is purely additive.

Chapter 5. Plating Split Orders

Section 1. Split Item Among Seats Option

TouchBistro gives you the ability to split items among different seats.

For example, at a table of four, three diners share a bottle of wine but a fourth diner does not imbibe and is not expected to pay for the shared wine. After sending the item to the kitchen, you are given the option to Split Item Among Seats. This option only becomes available once the item is sent to the kitchen. When an item is split this way, no special instructions are sent to the kitchen. Split Item Among Seats is usually used to properly distribute the cost of a shared item among the seats that enjoyed the item. It’s not intended to communicate any special instructions to the kitchen.

Section 2. Using the Option for Split Orders

If you don’t feature half orders on your menu, but you still want to a way to recoup costs for seats occasionally splitting orders and requesting separate plates, you can use the Split Item Among Seats option along with a special text modifier.

Section 3. Create the Text Modifier

As noted above, if you do the split after a ticket is sent to the kitchen, TouchBistro sends no additional ticket to the kitchen. To ensure the kitchen receives the proper instructions to split and separately plate the order, create a text modifier. For example, you might add it to the Common modifier group (tap Admin | Admin Settings | Menu | Item Modification).

1. Create a modifier like Half Portion – Main. If you allow off menu app splits, create one for apps as well.

2. Give it an upcharge. Determine how much each seat needs to pay extra. For example, $2. Then double it. For example, enter $4 into the Price field. We’ll see in a bit how TouchBistro properly distributes the up charge.

3. Tap the Information icon and tap Assign to Menu Items. Do this to double check the modifier group is associated with the menu items you want this modifier to be available for.

Section 4. Doing the Split

1. Take the orders for each seat in the normal fashion. In the above example seat 2 does not order a main. Seat 1 seat 2 ask if they can split the steak order and have it plated separately.

2. You indicate there’s a $2 per plate sharing charge. The customers agree. Tap the menu item and tap Modifiers.

3. Select the Half Portion modifier.

4. Tap the Send icon to send the order to the kitchen.

5. We can see from the ticket, the modifier will imply to the kitchen to plate the item as two half orders.

6. After sending items to the kitchen, tap the item the seat wishes to split. Tap Split Item Among Seats.

7. Select the seat that ordered the item and the other seat that is sharing the item.

8. TouchBistro now splits the item between the seats, splits the menu item price 50/50, and distributes the $4 upcharge 50/50. So each seat pays $2 for sharing the order.