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The Basics of TouchBistro for Servers


Chapter 1. What is TouchBistro?

TouchBistro is the easy to use POS solution. It lets you get things done faster and more efficiently. From taking orders to processing payments, the tasks are seamlessly integrated into one application on your iPad.

Chapter 2. Clocking In

Before you can start, you need to get a passcode from your manager or the venue owner. Your passcode is unique to you. When you log in, TouchBistro keeps track of your hours, your sales, credit card tips the house owes you and more. So it’s important to login using only your unique passcode and ensure you do not share your passcode with other coworkers.

Enter your assigned passcode using the number pad. Alternatively, your venue might use QR Code login. If so, tap the QR Code icon and then image your assigned login QR code.

After entering your code, tap either the green checkmark or Clock In/Clock Out. We’ll discuss later how to clock out and close your shift.

Some venues may assign you multiple staff types. If so, TouchBistro will prompt you after entering your passcode to select which staff type you wish to use for that shift.

Chapter 3. Clocking In from the Floor Plan

If the iPad given you is showing the floor plan screen and it’s currently being used by another user, you can login under your profile by tapping <your name> Switch.

Chapter 4. Floor Plan Screen

When you login or clock in, you will default to the floor screen. Your TouchBistro administrator might have set up your account to immediately jump to a particular floor, table, or the Cash Register screen. For now, let’s assume your account takes you to a floor screen.

Chapter 5. Screen Breakdown

Section 1. Top Menu




Tap Menu to display the customer-facing menu.


Tap Orders to display open takeout orders, open orders at your tables, and bills you’ve closed for this shift.


Your personal register. If you’ve been given access to this, you can use this instead of having to use the iPad set up for register use.


Tap to view current and upcoming reservations.


Tap to view your current and past shift reports as well as the ability to transfer tables to another waiter.

Section 2. Bottom Menu





Tap <your name> Switch to clock out or login as a different user. If another staffer logs in using your iPad, you will not be clocked out. You need to enter your passcode and tap Clock In/Clock Out to properly clock yourself out. See Understanding Your Shift Report for more information on end of shift procedures.


If your venue has multiple floors, tap the current floor and then select the new floor from the menu.

Section 3. Floor Area

Your floor will look different from the one in the example screen. Your TouchBistro administrator has setup a floor plan to represent your venue’s floor, tables, bar area, and any kind of point of sale fixed at a counter.

Section 4. Information Found On a Table

Table Item


If empty, the table’s color corresponds to the assigned color of the server assigned by default to the section the table is in. If seated, the table’s color corresponds to the assigned color of the server opening the table.

Indicates the table’s number.



The first number indicates the day’s order number. In this example, this is the 21st order for the day. The second number indicates the number of seated guests. For example, there are four seated guests.

If this table is empty, this line will say “<default seating capacity> Seats “.

If the table is occupied and you named the party, the day’s order number will be replaced by the party name.

Indicates how long the party has been at the table in hours and minutes.

The table’s current total.

Chapter 6. Changing Floors

If your venue has multiple floors or an inside area and a patio, you can change to another floor two ways:

1.  Tap the current floor and select the new floor.

2.  Swipe left on the floor plan to advance to the next available floor. Swipe right to return.

Chapter 7. Accessing Options

If you tap Options, you can access your staff option.

Section 1. Messages

If you have any unread messages, a red message number counter will appear next to Options. To access your messages or send a message, tap Options | Messages.

Tap Received to view any messages received. Tap Sent to review any sent messages.

To read a message received, tap on the message. Tap Reply to reply to the message or tap Mark As Read to remove the new message alert.

You cannot delete messages. However, TouchBistro will automatically clean up your email box after 30 days.

1) Creating a Message

1.  Tap the Compose chapter1image007 Chapter 1: Admin Options icon to create a new message.

2.  Select a Send To option. You have the following options:



All Staff

All employees who have been assigned a staff roll. It will be sent to such employees regardless if they are clocked in or not. This will not be sent to managers or the admin.

All Clock-In Employees

Employees (staff, managers, admin) who are currently clocked into TouchBistro.

All Managers

All employees who have been assigned a manager staff type.

All Employees

All employees (staff, managers, admin) regardless if they are clocked in or not.


Send a message to a specific employee.

3.  If you tap any option except Other, TouchBistro will show you specifically who the message is going to. In the example above, we’re sending a message to All Managers. TouchBistro identifies Bhavin and Bruce as managers and recipients of the message.

4.  If you tap Other, tap Add chapter1image010 Chapter 1: Admin Options Recipients.

5.  Tap each employee that should be a recipient and then tap Done.

6.  Compose the message and tap Send.

Section 2. Current Shift Report

Tap Options | Current Shift Report to see a preview of the shift report you generate at the end of your shift. See this guide for detailed instructions about your shift report.

Section 3. Previous Shift

Tap Options | Previous Shift to examine your recent shifts. To reprint a Shift Report from a previous day tap the desired day. If your shift was modified by the admin or a manager, you will see it noted under the shift.

Section 4. Transfer All Tables to Waiter

If you need to transfer all your open tables to another waiter in one go, tap Options | Transfer All Tables To Waiter.

Tap the desired waiter.

Chapter 8. Taking a Break

1.  If a staff member wants to start a break, the staff member can tap his/her name in the bottom left of the screen if they are not already on the passcode entry screen.

2.  Enter the passcode and then tap Clock In/Out.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

3.  Tap Start Break. TouchBistro does not restrict breaks based on time worked. For example, if a staff member is eligible for a meal break after 6 hours of work and the staff member has only worked 5 hours, TouchBistro will still make any and all configured break options available to the staff member.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

4.  If the server has open tables, TouchBistro will warn the server he/she still has open tables. Tap Continue to proceed. If the server wants to transfer tables, tap Go to Floor Plan to return to the TouchBistro floor plan. From there the server can use the Options | Transfer All Tables to Waiter option. Alternatively, the server can tap on individual tables and transfer them.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

5.  Tap a break to select it and tap Start Break. TouchBistro will display if the break option is paid or unpaid.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

6.  To end the break, return to the passcode screen. The staff member should enter his/her passcode and tap the Checkmark button.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

7.  TouchBistro will inform the staff member when the break is scheduled to end and how much time the server has been on break.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

8.  The staff member should then re-enter his/her passcode and tap the Checkmark button.

Note: In the example above, we can see Darko has exceeded his 30-minute Meal Break by 9 minutes.

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