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Chapter 1. Introduction

You may be given access to TouchBistro POS’s reservations system. If you need to book a reservation, you can use the Reservations option.

If you access the Reservations screen and see a notification that TouchBistro is integrated with TouchBistro Reservations, you need to take and manage reservations through the TouchBistro Reservation app.

Currently, TouchBistro does not integrate with any other reservation system.

Chapter 2. Adding a Reservation

1. Tap Reservations.

2. Tap the Add icon to add a reservation.

3. Complete the Party Name and Telephone # and/or Email fields.

4. If you want to reserve a specific table, tap Specify Tables.

5. Tap the desired table. It will be highlighted in white. Tap Done to complete the selection.

6. Tap Reservations to return to the Reservations dialog box and edit this reservation or add additional reservations.

Section 1. Table Blackout Period

If you reserve a table and try to seat a party at the reserved table, TouchBistro will warn you or other servers 20 minutes before the reservation that the table is reserved. TouchBistro will also warn after the reservation time until the close of day.

If the table goes unseated after your no-show policy and you wish to seat another party at the table, simply tap the table and then tap Yes in the warning dialog box.

Section 2. Editing or Seating a Reserved Table

1. When the party arrives tap Reservations.

2. TouchBistro will display all upcoming reservations. From looming to more distant. Slide Show Only Today to the green position to filter for reservations for the current date.

3. To edit the reservation or seat the reservation, tap the Information icon next to the reservation.

4. Tap Edit Info to edit the reservation (for example, adjust the time).

5. Tap Transfer to Table when the party has arrived and requests to be seated.

6. You will be returned to the floor plan. The reserved table will be highlighted with white and the table will be seated per the reservation’s party size setting. The reservation party name will be set as the table name. Notes will not carry over.

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