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Scheduling Integrations


Chapter 1. Retrieve Your Restaurant ID from Your Cloud Partners Page

To fully enable TouchBistro’s integration with the 7Shifts site, you first need to retrieve your TouchBistro Restaurant ID number from your cloud site.

1.  Log into your TouchBistro cloud site.

2.  Click Partners.

3.  Click 7Shifts and then click Enable.

4.  Note your Restaurant ID.

Chapter 2. Enable TouchBistro as a Third Party Add-on in Your 7shifts Account

1.  Log into 7shifts with your admin account.

2.  Click on your Profile and click Company Settings.

3.  Click Add-ons and then Third Party.

4.  Enable Enforce Schedule and Real-time Sales & Forecasting.

5.  Next to Enforce Schedule, click Settings.

6.  Note the API key. You will need it for TouchBistro.

7.  Set a Grace period, if appropriate. The grace period allows an employee to clock in to TouchBistro the indicated number of minutes before their shift as scheduled 7shifts.

8.  Tap Save.

9. Next to Real-Time Sales & Forecasting, click Settings.

10. Next to Restaurant ID, enter the Restaurant ID you retrieved from your TouchBistro Cloud page.

11. Click Activate.

12. Note there will be a short delay before 7shifts starts processing your sales data.

Chapter 3. Enable 7shifts in TouchBistro

1.  Enable 7shifts.

2.  Enter the API key you noted above. Enable Enforce Schedule and Enforce Role.

3.  Tap Done.

Chapter 4. Ensure TouchBistro Staff Passcodes and 7shifts Punch IDs are the Same

Visit Admin | Admin Settings | Staff in TouchBistro and Manage | Employees in 7shifts. Ensure your staff passcodes match the Punch IDs entered for the matching staff profile.

1.  In TouchBistro, tap Admin | Admin Settings | Staff | Staff.

2.  Tap on a staff member.

3.  In 7shifts, click Manage | Employees.

4.  Click the HR / Payroll tab.

5.  Ensure the 7shifts Punch ID and the TouchBistro Passcode are the same.

6.  If you change the Punch ID make sure you click Save. If you change the Passcode, make sure you tap Done/Save.

Chapter 5. Edit Your Staff Types

You need to visit each Staff Type and enter the corresponding Role name used in 7shifts.

For example, if your TouchBistro Waiter staff type is called Staff in 7shifts, enter Staff in the Scheduling Integration Name field.

You must complete this field even if Staff Type and Role names are identical.

For example, if Staff Type and Role are both Waiter, enter Waiter in the Scheduling Integration Name field.

If you have multiple Staff Types in TouchBistro with slightly different rights but in 7Shifts you have one catch-all role, enter the 7shifts Role in each of the Staff Type‘s Scheduling Integration Name field. For example, on 7shifts you have a catch-all Waiter role. However, on TouchBistro you have a Waiter staff type and a Head Waiter staff type. The Head Waiter staff type has a few additional managerial rights set. However for 7shifts purposes, any staff member with the Head Waiter staff type is simply assigned the Waiter role. In TouchBistro, open the Waiter staff type and the Head Waiter staff type and set the Scheduling Integration Name field in both to Waiter.

Section 1. Where to Find Your Roles in 7shifts?

To review your Roles, click on your profile icon. Click Locations / Departments / Roles. Finally click on the Roles tab. If you have Roles assigned to different departments, use the highlighted drop-down box in the Filter By line to see additional Roles.

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