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How to Reset your TouchBistro Account Password


Chapter 1. Introduction

Your TouchBistro password is used in three places:

touchbistro screen capture

1. When you log your account into the TouchBistro app.

touchbistro screen capture

2. When you log your account into the TouchBistro Pro Server.

touchbistro screen capture

3. When you log into cloud reporting.

touchbistro screen capture

You created this password when you first registered your new account with TouchBistro via the TouchBistro app.

It’s recommended you change your password from time to time. Although we don’t advise giving non-owners the account password, you may have given trusted staff, like managers, the login details for accessing cloud reporting. It’s important to change this password when such staff members leave your employment.

Chapter 2. Changing Your Password

touchbistro screen capture

1. Using a browser, log into your cloud reporting account.

touchbistro screen capture

2. Click your account ID on the top right and click the Settings option.

touchbistro screen capture

3. At the bottom enter your current password. Enter your new desired password. Re-enter it and tap Change Password.

Chapter 3. How to Change Your Password If You Don’t Know It

touchbistro screen capture

1. Click Lost your Password.

touchbistro screen capture

2. Enter your TouchBistro User Name.

3. Click Reset my password.

4. TouchBistro will email your password to the email you registered TouchBistro under. If you’re uncertain what email that is, email

touchbistro screen capture

5. Check that email’s Inbox in a few seconds or minutes. If nothing comes through in a few minutes, check your email account’s spam folder. TouchBistro will email you a link you can follow to reset your password. For security reasons, TouchBistro does not keep your password in any accessible form.

6. Click the link.

7. Enter your TouchBistro User Name.

8. Click Reset my password.

9. You will receive a message that your password reset is successful.

10. Write your new password down, along with your User Name, someplace safe.

11. You can now use the TouchBistro Reporting page to remotely monitor sales, manage your account, and download Pro Server.

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