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Reserving Printers, PINpads, and Other Devices with the Huawei Router


The Huawei cellular router should only be used for some food truck configurations. You should only use the Airport Extreme router with non-food truck configurations.

1.  On your router look for a label with your device website IP.

2.  In a browser enter that IP (it may not be or as used in this documentation).

3.  Click Settings.

4.  On the Settings page, click LAN and reveal the subpages.

5.  Click DHCP. Write down the IP address found in IP Address. This will be used as the Gateway IP when you program your printers in TouchBistro.

6.  Note the Start IP address. All reserved IP addresses (printers, CFD, KDS, or card readers) should be lower than but greater than So if Start IP address has the value, you can reserve IP addresses between and inclusive.

7.  When you follow the steps to set up your printers, alter the process as follows if you’re using the Huawei router.

8.  In the Printer setup screen on TouchBistro, in the Printer IP field, enter the IP address you want to reserve per step 6 above. Then tap Program Printer.

9.  On the Program Printer screen, in the Current IP field, enter the printer’s current IP address you generated (see step 6 in this guide). On the Program Printer screen, replace the Gateway’s default IP address with the IP Address you noted from step 5 above. Finally, tap Begin Setup to program the printer with this new IP address.

10. If you have a PINpad like the IPP320 that needs to be reserved by MAC address, locate the device’s MAC address on the back of the device. If this is the Moneris IPP320 there may be a sticker covering it. If so, peel back the sticker to reveal the MAC address. Do not throw away the sticker.

11. Click Static Address.

12. Click the Add button and reserve the MAC address and the PINpad’s IP address. You should also follow these steps if you’re reserving the MAC address of your KDS or you are reserving the MAC address for the iPad you want to talk to your CFD.

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