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Chapter 1. Introduction

To set up your printers, tap Printers & KDS.

TouchBistro gives you four suggested printers: Bar, Kitchen, Patio, and Receipt. Two you are most likely to be using are Receipt and Kitchen. Your receipt print would be the printer you print guest checks and receipts to. This is typically a thermal printer. The kitchen printer prints customer orders for the kitchen staff. This is typically an impact printer.

You may also have additional printers, for example a printer that prints drink orders to the bar or a printer that prints guest checks and receipts for customers seated on the patio.

Tap each printer you will be using to set up that printer.

Remember, purchase sufficient paper supplies before starting service.

Chapter 2. Configuring a Printer

Section 1. Get the IP Address

Before setting up your printer in TouchBistro, you need to determine the IP address of the printer.

1.   If your printer is on, turn it off.

2.   Hold down the printer’s Feed button and turn the printer back on.

3.   Wait until the printer starts to make noise and then release the feed button. The printer will print its IP address. Keep this handy.

4.   Repeat this for each printer you have.

Section 2. Setting Up the Printer IP Address in TouchBistro

1.   Tap the printer name you wish to configure. For example, Receipt.

2.   In the Printer IP field, enter the IP where x increases by one for each printer you add to TouchBistro. For example, if this is the first printer you’re adding, say the receipt printer, enter If this is the second printer you’re adding (say a printer for your kitchen), If you’re adding a third printer for your bar, enter It’s important to never duplicate an IP used by another printer and never give it an IP where the final block is lower than 201.

3.   If this is a thermal printer and you intend to use it with the Star Kitchen buzzer, enable Use Kitchen Buzzer / Ticket Alarm. Note: if you enable this and have a cash drawer plugged into your printer and also use the printer to send kitchen tickets, TouchBistro will automatically open the cash drawer when you send a ticket. Hence, ensure this is disabled if a cash drawer is or will be plugged into this printer.

4.   Under Printer Model ensure your printer is selected, that is a checkmark appears next to it. The specific model number can usually be found on the bottom of the printer.

5.   Tap Program Printer.

6.   In the Current IP field, enter the IP from the printer print out (for example,

7.   Leave all the other fields as defaulted.

8.   Tap Begin Setup.

9.   Tap Close after TouchBistro has reprogrammed your router.

10.   Tap Print Test Page. Ensure a test print out comes out of the printer.

11.   Tap Done.

12.   The completed printer will now have the IP address next to it.

You can repeat these steps for all printers you have.

Note: TouchBistro will automatically set your configured printer as your Global Receipt Printer and Global Report Printer.

Section 3. Adding Printers

If you need to add additional printers, tap the Add icon on the top right. Tap Add Printer. You can now name the printer and add the printer’s IP address.

Section 4. Temporary Kitchen Ticket Re-directs

There are times when a kitchen ticket printer is non operational. If this is the case and you have another printer you can temporarily use to print kitchen tickets, TouchBistro lets you setup a temporary redirect.

1.  Tap the Information  icon associated with the non-operational printer.

2.  Tap Redirect All Menu Items to Printer.

3.  Select the printer.

When the printer becomes operational again, tap Disable Printer Redirection.

Chapter 3. Global and Local Printers

If you have multiple printers, you can use these options to specify how TouchBistro defaults when printing receipts, reports, and bar orders.

Global Receipt Printer

Sets which printer will print receipts. If you have multiple iPads, all iPads will default to this printer.

Global Reports Printer

Reports constitute end-of-day reports, TouchBistro generated reports giving you an overview of your business operations, credit card reports, and more. If you have multiple iPads, all iPads will default to this printer.

Global Bartender Printer

If the iPad user is logged in under a bartender Staff Type (see Staff), any print jobs sent from the iPad will default to this printer. Since most bars are exposed to the dining environment, a bar printer will typically be a thermal printer for silent operation.

Local Receipt Printer

Any printer selected here will override the global receipt printer for the user of this specific iPad. You might, for example, have a patio or events room with a printer local to that room. The wait staff can be given an iPad with the local receipt printer configured to print to the local printer.

Local Drink Printer

Similar to the local receipt printer, if your patio or events room has a local bar printer, you can configure a specific iPad to print to that local printer.

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