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Performing Gift Card Refunds with the iPP320


Chapter 1. Before You Begin

For reporting purposes, you need to create a “Gift Card Refund” non-integrated card type. To do this:

1.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2.  Tap Payment Gateways.

3.  Scroll down and tap Non-Integrated Card Types.

4.  Tap the Add icon to add a new card type.

5.  Enter “Gift Card Refund in the Name field and tap Gift.

6.  Tap Done and then tap Done again to exit to the Payment Gateways screen.

Chapter 2. Working Through an Example

Section 1. Balance before the Refund

Imagine you have one order for the day. Looking at the bill for that one order we see:

1.  It was paid for with a gift card.

2.  We can see the bill came to $39.52 with tax.

3.  A 15% tip was left, amounting to $5.93.

4.  The gift card, after paying for the bill, has a remaining balance of $9.10.

5.  The bill also lists the Authorization # (also known as the Reference Number). This number is important for performing the refund.

If we did an end of day preview, we would also see the following:

1.  Under the Sales Totals section, our total sales for the day was $39.52 with tax.

2.  Under the Payment and Refunds Totals section, the sale was paid for with a gift card and a $5.93 tip was left on the gift card.

3.  Under the Credit Card Tips Report section, a $5.93 tip was left with the gift card. The venue owes the server $5.93 in tips.

Section 2. Doing the Gift Card Refund

Imagine before the actual end of the day, the customer returns with the bill and requests a full refund. You agree. To process the refund back onto the gift card:

1.  Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2.  Tap Payment Gateways.

3.  Tap Gift Cards (Moneris).

4.  Enter the amount to refund and enter the Ref #. On the customer/merchant slips printed with the transaction this is called Reference Number. On the guest check it’s called Auth#.

5.  Do not enter Card Number or CVC. These fields are greyed out an not available for input. Tap Refund.

6.  Confirm the refund amount.

7.  TouchBistro prompts you to attend to the PIN pad.

8.  Swipe the card used to pay for the bill.

9.  Enter the card’s CVC. It should be found on the back or the front. Press the green Enter button.

10. Keep pressing the green Enter button to bypass the next three screens. No user input is required.

11. The iPP320 will process and approve the refund.

12. TouchBistro indicates the amount refunded and the new balance. (old balance of $9.10 + $45.45 refunded = $54.55)

Section 3. End of Day after the Refund

If we examine our End of Day after the refund we see:

1.  Under Sales Totals, we are still seeing sales of $39.52.

2.  Under Payment and Refund Totals, we have not captured the $45.45 (the $39.52 bill plus the $5.93 tip) refund to the card.

3.  Under our Gift Card Activity Report, we do see the $45.45 refund.

As it stands, the End of Day still suggests we had sales of $39.52 for the day. However, we refunded the bill and tip in full, so our true sales for the day is $0. The refund is reflected in the Gift Card Activity Report. However, you may prefer to have your Sales Totals report reflect the true balance of payments. To to this, follow the steps in the next section.

Section 4. Reflecting the Refund in Sales Totals

1.  Tap Orders.

2.  Tap the All Closed Bills tab and then tap the Information ┬áicon associated with the bill you refunded.

3.  Tap Refund Sale.

4.  Tap All Bar Tabs.

5.  TouchBistro creates a negative refund invoice under All Bar Tabs. You’ll notice TouchBistro automatically names it after the bill number of the refunded invoice. Tap it to open it.

6.  When you open the refund sale invoice, you will notice all items in the refunded bill are negative quantities. If the refunded items are inventoried, TouchBistro returns the inventory count.┬á As well TouchBistro correctly calculates the returned tax. Tap the Checkout icon to close out this return invoice.

7.  Tap the Non-Integrated Credit Refund.

8.  Tap the Gift Card Return item you created.

9.  Tap Full Refund.

10. Close the negative sales return invoice.

Section 5. Examining the New End of Day

If we were to close our day at this point, we would see:

1.  Under Sales Totals, we see our one bill for the day is properly balanced out by the refund. Sales Totals properly reflects $0 actual sales for the day.

2.  Under the Payment and Refunds Totals section, we can see the order paid for with a gift card and a $5.93 tip was left on the gift card. We can also see the order refunded. The Gift Card Refund item (which we set up under non-integrated) helps indicate the source of this refund.

3.  Under the Credit Card Tips Report section, a $5.93 tip was left with the gift card. The venue owes the server $5.93 in tips.

You’ll notice even though we’ve refunded everything, including the $5.93 tip, this process does not reflect a claw back of the tip owed to the server. There are two possibilities:

1.  The refund was a result of sever error. Approach the server inform the server he/she will be docked the tip amount.

2.  The refund was not a result of server error. Pay out the tip as normal.